ATTN: Parents (Homework)

Hi, I just wanted to clear something up in regards to homework as there apparently is some confusion. I still have a pile of almost 50 or so worksheets with no names on them despite giving the entire class every opportunity to check that stack for any work they may have done but left their name off of.

I do not throw any work out until it is left unclaimed for a long enough amount of time to where I will no longer accept it for credit.  I am consistently picking up student homework off the floor because they choose not to do so themselves, and thus that is one of the biggest reasons why certain kids are missing work.

I am in the middle of grading more assignments so please check tomorrow morning the grade book so you can see exactly what work your child is missing. I have no doubt that for many students the work is done, however, for whatever reason they are simply not handing it in.

I have one of the most flexible homework policies in the building so there should be 0 excuses for missed assignments. If you have any other questions regarding the class or homework specifically, please ask me directly because I am the one that has the answers.

I hope this clears things up…thank you very much for listening and understanding as well as your support all year long.


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