Homework 3/4

Writing- Focus Project

  • Use the provided notes to help guide your research
  • 5 paragraph essay, research your essential questinos using at least 2-3 different resources (keep track of any books/websites)
  • This is a rough draft, I want to see you inform the reader using facts and data to support your position.

I will try and elaborate a bit more on this later.  Students should already have their notes on their essential question as both myself and the teacher’s aide read and corrected most of the class’ work already.  Be sure to write a thesis statement/introductory statement so that the reader knows the direction that your paper is going to go.

History- pgs. 204-208 , #s 1-5 (will check on Monday, this assignment was given already on Thursday)


Math- 2 worksheets, pgs. 103-106 (use the notes that you should have taken in class and that I gave you today to help.  We will continue with Lesson 13.5 on Monday)

Our Stock Market game will begin on Monday with an introduction to the lesson and expectations.


Reading- Grammar worksheets, Compound Sentences, pgs.


Current Events

Jazmine- Local

Deborah- Sports

Carl – US News

Peter- Business

Keysean- International

**Keep working on Education Galaxy as the stars that you earn will lead to rewards!**


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