Homework 3/10


  • C.H.- 2
  • H.L- 2
  • S.M- 2
  • J.R.- 8
  • J.E.- 1
  • C.C.- 1
  • J.S.- 1
  • D.M- 1


Reading– Education Galaxy, make sure to put some time in to earn your stars if you want to be in the running for rewards!

Week 4 Spelling Quiz tomorrow.  You must also know your definitions!!


Math– Chapter 13 Test (Angles & Shapes) for Monday

Have your # of shares per company ready for tomorrow (remember, you get $100,000 to spend across all the businesses you chose)  share price   x   how many shares you want to buy = total value

Review packet questions for Thursday

5B Workbook pages 142-144


Social Studies– Workbook pgs. 59-60, Make Economic Choices

Current Events for Monday






Writing-see previous post from yesterday for more thorough instructions

  • final draft (typed is preferred) of your first graded mystery story is due tomorrow
  • don’t forget your front and back covers, the idea is to have your paper resemble a published novel
  • make sure to add dialogue!
  • hopefully we can bind all of the stories together so that we have a ‘book’ of Room 212 stories that we can pass around to other classes


Science– Complete Science diagnostic on Education Galaxy

Take home quiz due tomorrow


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