Spelling Words Week 5

Here we are!  I’m starting to really enjoy how this whole process is going.  The class is doing very well with finding the definitions and using the word in a sentence.  Even better but as expected, their hard work has rewarded them with fantastic scores.  Rewards are soon to come!  Below are the words for Week 5.

The Week 5 Spelling List

  1. chauffeur
  2. antecedent
  3. forfeiture
  4. concession
  5. raspberries
  6. astrophysics
  7. aristocrat
  8. quadriceps
  9. wheelbarrow
  10. ambidextrous
  11. planetarium
  12. concussion
  13.  entourage
  14. unconscious
  15. handkerchief


We will be writing the definitions for these words in class.  As per the the last Quiz, students will be expected to know the definitions of certain words as well.

BONUS : prestidigation


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