Stock Mark Project

Here is part of the directions posted below.  I have a list of all the stocks that students have chosen, HOWEVER, this assignment for about 17 students has been over a week late at this point simply because they have not shown me how many shares they are purchasing of each of their corporations.  We went over how to do this countless times in class and a few times I even put the equation on the website.  There is no reason that I should be missing 3-4 simple multiplication problems from that many students…like the New England Patriots, ‘do your job’ and all will be well!


Below is the current list with only a few shares prices put in place)


Mr. Santeramo                                                                                                                                                   Stock Market Game                                                                                                         March 14th, 2016


!!!!Mr. Santeramo’s Ultimate Stock Charting Extravaganza!!!!


  • Students will choose between 3-4 stocks that are featured either on the Dow Jones Industrial Index or the NASDAQ stock exchange. Each student will receive $100,000 dollars to spend on purchasing shares of their chosen companies.  (the # of shares     x   the stock price that day = stock value)


  • Each week, students will keep a running database of their corporations rise or fall in price. I plan on using the laptops every so often so that the kids can easily research volatility and potential reasons why their stock has been up or down.  By the end, each child will be expected to explain to their classmates what their stock price means and how it effects the shareholders and corporate business decisions. 


  • Students will then be expected to keep track of their stock prices over the course of few months. For each business they have chosen, they will have a corresponding graph tracking the price changes over time.  Using graph paper or poster board, students are to focus on neatness, accuracy, and illustrative qualities that can help their data stand out during their presentation to the class.


  • Each Tuesday, students will be expected to research their stock prices on their own using a newspaper or online resource. (this data should be Monday’s closing price)


  • Furthermore, every Friday Mr. Santeramo will provide a second set of data so that the class has more data for their graphs. 


  • To keep things competitive, the top 3 students whose stocks have seen the greatest overall % increase will receive prizes that will be determined at a later date.


  • Further instructions will be given as time goes on. Students, for example, will hopefully have access to a website that allows for them to spend fictional money and keep track of their findings in a more cohesive and organized fashion.  We will also spend some time with primary resources and discussing any business related events in the news. 


  • If you have any other questions feel free to ask.  The goal is to learn an important skill for the future, though the big idea is to simply have fun!

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