Homework 3/16

Social Studies– use your Textbook pgs. 204-219, Chapter 6, Lessons 1-2

  • complete workbook pgs. 64-65 (it should be the Chapter Test/Review.  Do NOT complete all three lessons; because we only read the first two, use the word bank to correctly complete Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 only.
  • In the same workbook, complete pgs. 68-69 for tomorrow.
  • We will have either an in-class Quiz on Friday or it will be take home depending on how much we get done in class.  We will not have a traditional Chapter 6 Test.


Reading– 55 minutes, complete your reading logs and short summaries for full credit

  • Complete the definitions for the next 15 words posted below (I posted all of the words in a blog post from Monday evening)
  • We will likely have the next Spelling Quiz on Friday or Monday at latest.  Mr. S will make the expectations clear tomorrow.


Math– same assignment as yesterday, please make sure that it is completed THOROUGHLY by showing your work as I am continuing to take a small number of points off for an instruction that I have made well known for a while now.

If you owe me any work, PLEASE SUBMIT ALL ASSIGNMENTS ASAP as this is your responsibility!


Thanks and enjoy the evening!!


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