Grade update (part 1)

The grades for Math and History are being updated using the class/homework that was collected or checked during class the past 2 weeks along with the homework bin and other related materials that I collected this past Monday.

Much of the material is graded and returned, however, I’ve been holding onto a lot of the written assignments in separate folders until the end of the year so that each student can reflect upon their their growth as writers and storytellers.  In all honesty (and maybe it’s a pipe dream), I think it would be a wonderful confidence booster if  the kids would revisit and rewrite extremely detailed versions w/ illustrations of their favorite story from the entire year so that we can put them all together in a bound book, ‘Stories from 212.’   (obviously a working title :-p )      Anyway, just a thought.

I have t0 referee two basketball games immediately after school tomorrow so if I have the energy to grade papers later in the evening I’ll try and do that.  On Saturday it’s more of the same with 2 games though this time they are mid-day at 2.  That should give me ample time to finish things up a little after dinner-time.

Thanks again for your support and assistance.


Don’t forget too check the previous blog posts from this past week for the Spelling Words for Monday’s Quiz as well as the links to the missed assignments.  Also, the bin of ‘assignments with No Names’ is still increasing despite me literally walking it around to students one by one, many of whom won’t even take a look inside.

The bin is now front and center and labeled.  I will try again at figuring out ways for the students to be proactive in wanting that recognition for the hard work that they do.  With that said, if certain items are not claimed by the end of next week, they will likely be discarded.  Often when I put deadlines like this in place I see some movement with the class so hopefully we can have the same outcome here.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you guys a quick update.  Check this space tomorrow night for more!  Thanks!


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