Education Galaxy Update

Student Galaxy Stars collected Total possible Stars Current Alien Ranking
Deborah Akinyemi 1 70 ALIEN BABY
Peter Barkley 20 70 GALACTIC MAGICIAN
Nylah Bennett 6 70 ALIEN BABY
Carl Cole 33 70 ALIEN MOVIE STAR
Javon Eriste 5 70 ALIEN BABY
Cierra Howard 2 70 ALIEN BABY
Sahada Hunt 0 70 ALIEN BABY
Yukki Ito 4 70 ALIEN BABY
JaLon Jones 2 70 ALIEN BABY
Haleem Lowe 0 70 ALIEN BABY
Skai Maynor 2 70 ALIEN BABY
Oluwatoni Oshuntolu 41 70 SPACE QUARTERBACK
Justin Roach 0 70 ALIEN BABY
Sabrina Rodriguez 0 70 ALIEN BABY
Jazmine Sawyer 0 70 ALIEN BABY
Yasmeena Sharif 9 70 SPACE EXPLORER
Carolina Valentin 7 70 SPACE EXPLORER
Nia Williams 9 70 SPACE EXPLORER
Keysean Bush 1 70 ALIEN BABY
Cedrick Vertilus 23 70 SPACE FIREFIGHTER
Destin Moore 9 70 SPACE EXPLORER

As you can see from the chart above, four students are absolutely crushing this activity.  Because they are spending their own time practicing the concepts they have difficulty with to the point of mastery,  this level of dedication has not gone unnoticed and thus Cedrick, Toni, Carl, and Peter will be the first students in class to achieve recognition in the form of a reward of Mr. Santeramo’s choosing.

As I made clear when we first started using the Education Galaxy software, both myself and Mrs. Serrano are consistently keeping track of your level of engagement and time spent working on the different exams across each of the subjects.  It is not enough to simply fly through questions guessing the answers just so you can get to the point where it rewards you by playing a game.  Guessing is highly evident when I compare the ratio of problems a student gets correct to the overall # of questions they are asked.

Lastly, as mentioned previously, our work with Education Galaxy will also be tracked and inputted as a Test grade for Math, Writing, and Reading.  Scores will be based on the # of stars earned, the time and frequency spent within the program, and any other intangibles deemed relevant as I traverse my way through this program for the first time.

A little less than half the class has inexplicably not started either one or all three of the subjects listed above.  This inability to follow directions will be held against you until you start stepping your game up!

With that said,  a handful of students that have spent time on the site are generally not working to the best of their ability according to their %s.  Please use this website as a learning tool to your advantage because the questions are practical and can be used in everyday life!

Our current class challenge for the next week is to greatly improve our Reading scores as the data I am seeing is truly atrocious and 100% not representative of the ability of my students.  Furthermore, we must revisit our Math scores because there are far too many concepts in the 60% which isn’t passing.  

HOURS USED – 23:59



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