Homework 3/21

Reading– take home Spelling Quiz 5 will be to finish the crossword puzzle

  • use all 15 spelling words correctly in your crossword in order to receive full credit
  • make sure to add the definitions along the bottom
  • words should be in an across/down format


Math– look up your stock prices for the businesses you chose to bring in tomorrow to share with the class

you should Google today’s (Monday’s) stock prices.  The stock market closes at 4 so any time after that is okay.

Simply Google, for example, “Amazon stock price” and click enter – your price should appear right at the top.  Some prices require a bit more work so just keep that in mind.  Attached below is the final stock list that I have been using in class- if it needs to be updated, please let me know asap.  The people that don’t have the number of share prices next to their names will lose credit (so long as that work isn’t already in the Homework bin).


DOWNLOAD: Geometrically Speaking Worksheet

  • ‘business name here’ stock price


  • About half the class has still not submitted the number of shares they wish to purchase for each of the companies that they have chosen. If this is not done by the end of the week, this will greatly severely damage your gradeIt Is absolutely inexcusable that something so simple as multiplying two numbers together is still not done after two weeks.
  • Students are expected to simply look up and record the stock prices for their chosen companies every Monday evening starting March 21st, and then write these prices in their Math Notebooks under the specific Stock Market section that they were instructed to have created for themselves on the first day we began this activity. Students should have a chart that looks like the following…
Date Company Price +/-   Plus/Minus (optional)
March 21 Pfizer 30.21
March 21 Nike 74.95
March 21 Boeing 128.12
March 25 Pfizer 31.05 + .84
March 25 Nike 71.86 – 3.09
March 25 Boeing 134.17 + 6.05


The chart above is one example of how students should be keeping track of their data.  You can also have the dates across the top and businesses along the side. Regardless of the chart that you choose, Mr. Santeramo will periodically check and give an assignment grade to students to ensure that the class is doing their job and pulling their own weight.

  • Students are expected to look up each week the prices of their stocks every Monday all the way through June.


Writing– Scholastic Story Starter website

hand-write and bring in another short story using the generator tool



Science– finish worksheet for Homework


Current Events tomorrow








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