Homework 3/22

Math– Profit/Loss worksheet

DOWNLOAD: Profit Loss Worksheets

5B Textbook pgs. 242-243


Social Studies– read pgs. 266-269 in the textbook, Tales from the Odyssey, complete questions #1-2


Reading– share with the class (approximately 2 minutes) something you are reading currently and would recommend to others (think ofof  this like a show and tell for books)

  • logs will be checked tomorrow


Writing– begin by brainstorming and/or outlining ideas for a multiple-chapter mystery story (our final one).  Bring in at least 1 full page of a plot outline or idea (or as many ideas as you would like to practice or play around with).  The goal is to try writing in a different style than how you do normally, to challenge yourself to compose a story that reads differently than your typical drafts.


Current Events (still need to finish)





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    1. Deborah

      well i never wrote this so who ever you are you need to stop and i like school for your info so use your own name next time you want to write a mean comment

      And I don’t like to point out names but I’m 99.999999999% sure this is Cierra


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