So today I offered the opportunity for a pizza party if the class was able to treat each other properly and behave throughout the day.  Unfortunately we couldn’t make it out of 2nd period, however, I will be offering certain students who did their part rewards starting next week.  In terms of the offer to the whole class for the pizza party, we will try this again on Tuesday.  If it doesn’t work, I’ll have to try something else.  Thanks!


Math- complete the three worksheets below (if you have a third worksheet that is different than the ones below, that’s fine, just make sure that you have 3 worksheets completed since the printer didn’t do things double-sided).

3D Shapes Properties Worksheet PRINT USE3D Shape Properties Worksheet 7 PRINTGeometry Find the Net Worksheet 2 PRINT


Reading- 55 minutes per day, logs and summaries.  I will be checking reading logs for Wednesday through Monday when we return to school on Tuesday.  If you want full credit (6 days, 6 assignments), be sure to have everything completed.

Ancient Greece reading assignment, download below.

DOWNLOAD: The Parthenon Reading Assignment Ancient Greece


Social Studies- read Ancient Greece, Chapter 8, Lesson 1, pgs. 270-275, complete #s 1-7 on pg. 275

  • write the definitions for the vocabulary terms
  • write 3+ notes per section (each main heading that is written in purple as we’ve done in the past)


  • Also read and complete questions #1-5 on pgs. 276-277

Please make sure that your paper is properly labeled with the information above at minimum.



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