Homework 3/30

Reading– instead of reading for 55 minutes, read the two myths below

DOWNLOAD: Zeus and His Mighty Company Short Story Read PRINT PRINT

DOWNLOAD: How Zeus Defeated the Titans Short Story PRINT PRINT

Answer the 3 questions below…

  1. Summarize the myth in complete sentences, at least 1 paragraph per story
  2. What is the moral/message that we are meant to learn from reading this text?
  3. Describe the Greeks relationship between God and man?


Writing– use your hero myth that you started in class today to help you complete a full 5 paragraph story complete with a moral or message for the reader to learn.

You may use either of the two websites below, two different style graphic organizers, to complete your assignment.  LINK 2 is the resource that we used in class today.  Students saved their entries to their Google Docs account so please check their first if you prefer to continue your story rather than start a new one.

LINK 1: http://teacher.scholastic.com/writewit/mff/mythmachine.htm

LINK 2: http://www.readwritethink.org/classroom-resources/student-interactives/hero-journey-30069.html   (click the get started button)


Math– complete the Chapter 14, Lesson 2 worksheets from yesterday’s packet (pgs. 107-112)

If the packet is already completed, study for tomorrow’s Quiz using your notes and resources from class.

  • Chapter 14 Math Quiz Tomorrow, Lessons 1-2


Social Studies- Chapter 8, Lesson 1 questions 1-7 will be collected tomorrow




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      1. Sure, so long as it maintains the same quality as any work that you’d write in 3rd Person. In fact, first person requires you to be even more focused and detail oriented because your writing comes directly from the main and supporting characters themselves. Try including their own inner thoughts in a sequence or two as well. Try different things!


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