Homework 4/1

Reading– read the two stories below and answer the following questions

HOMEWORK: see below…

  1. Summarize the Myths in complete sentences
  2. at least ONE 5 sentence summary for each story
  3. What is the moral or message of the myth?


Math– read over 5A Textbook, Chapter 5, Lesson 1, pgs. 208-218, get familiar with these concepts because we will dive in headfirst starting Monday

HOMEWORK: complete the assorted questions in the March packet


Writing– write a 1-2 page myth of your own using our notes, everything we have begun learning in class, and most importantly your own healthy imagination.  Create your own superheros and villains and place them within a setting in which their actions impact the lives of thousands if not millions of people…what happens next is completely up to the myth-maker…

Two website examples of many…

Social Studies-*none*

With that said…

******* 5S – only 3 of our 21 classmates submitted their History Homework from Thursday night, Chapter 8, Lesson 1, #s 1-7.      SUBMIT THIS WORK ASAP if you would like to get credit.

But if you want to get a head start on Monday…

  • read and complete the questions 1-5 for Chapter 8, Lesson 2, take 3 notes per section in you wish to receive full credit.



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