Homework 4/4

Social Studies– workbook pgs. 75-78

  • begin reading Chapter 8, Lesson 2, pgs. 278-280 (3 notes per section)


Math– complete the Math Chapter 5 Pre-Test Worksheets, pgs. 41-44

  • copy down your stock prices for tonight (after 4PM), April 4th


Reading– 30 minutes reading, logs and summaries

Week 5 Spelling Words

  • inquiry
  • bothering
  • encounter
  • whispers
  • murmur
  • adjacent
  • burglar
  • mischief
  • compassion
  • circumstantial
  • settlement
  • mythology
  • odyssey
  • achilles
  • trireme


Science Presenters for Miss Lujan tomorrow, Periods 1 and 2

  • Skai
  • Nia
  • Sabrina
  • Carolina
  • Yasmeena
  • Jazmine
  • Carl
  • Nylah


PERMISSION SLIPS DUE ASAP for the trip on Wednesday, April 6th

The Marking Period ends this Friday.  Check this space tonight for links to the majority of missing assignments by the class.  Doing this all at once as opposed to on an individual basis is a lot easier for everyone.  Thanks.




5 thoughts on “Homework 4/4

  1. PizzaBoy17

    Mr. S did you edit your page to put the 15 words up? By the way you said 6-7 spelling words for week 5. Do you want us to define these words, and make sentences?


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