Make-up Assignments

This is the second and last time that I will be posting these worksheets as the marking period comes to a close this Friday.  I’ve made the dialogue surrounding missing work extremely clear to the class for some time now, and while some students took the initiative and squared away any issues they may have had, many others have not.  There are absolutely zero reasons to not submit Homework and yet some have gone out of their way to do just that.  Please, take advantage of this opportunity and you’ll see right away how much Homework impacts your overall grade.  Thanks.

(If you don’t have a printer, print a copy in school in the Library, or write the work and answers out on lined paper with a detailed heading across the top so I know what the assignment is.  If for some reason you need me to print something for you, just let me know..thanks)

I believe I have about 95% of all of the worksheets that were handed out as class and homework this marking period posted here in this thread.  If you are missing workbook or textbook assignments, completing those activities is your responsibility so please use your gradebook to track which assignments need to be made up.  For some of the more recent worksheets such as the Net handouts on  2, 5, and 7, I still have to put those in the gradebook and so I’ll try and catch up with that tonight. With that said, for those students whom have chosen to deny their own responsibility in looking up their missed work, thi swill be the last time that I do your job for you.  If you have any questions about certain assignments just let me know, thanks!


Social Studies Assignments

Britain Compass Directions Geography PRINT PRINT

Wildlife Grid Kenya Geography PRINT PRINT

Aerial Photograph Geography PRINT PRINT

Map Skills Worksheet PRINT

Geography Countries Worksheet

Geography Worksheet 3

Black History Month Facts and Figures (more notes)

Black History Month Timeline  (these are just notes)

Underground Railroad Worksheet

Tuskegee Airmen American Heroes Packet PRINT

Sojourner Truth Packet with Questions Packet PRINT

MLK Junior Letter from Birmingham Jail PRINT  (2/21)

Wesley Harris Account of Escaped Slave Packet PRINT  (2/18)

Slavery In the North Packet PRINT

Black History Time Line Scholastic PRINT

Time for Kids African American History PRINT



Reading Assignments

The Legend of Mazu Reading Packet  (2/21)

Scholastic Mystery Words Notes  (1/31 Detective Notes)

The Parthenon reading packet  (3/29)

Notre Dame Architecture reading packet  (3/21)


jazz-greats-thelonius-monk PRINT  (2/21)

Suffixes List NOTES PRINT  (keep for notes)

****Since I do not accept late Reading Logs, I will allow students who have missed a ton of them to get credit back by completing these 3 worksheets below.  Make sure to label on the front page that these worksheets were done in order to get credit for missing reading logs.  Thanks.****

Split Suffixes Practice  (2/9, Part 1 of Split Suffixes double-sided worksheet)Suffixes Worksheet PRINT  (2/9, Part 2 of Split Suffixes double-sided worksheet)

Prefix and Alphabet Practice PRINT  (1/31, part 1 of double-sided worksheet)

Prefix Practice PRINT (1/31, part 2 of double-sided worksheet)

Prefixes List PRINT AND USE FOR NOTES  (keep for notes)

Prefix and Suffix Lesson Plan with Core Standards (ONLY PAGE 9 of this packet)

Find Meaning from Text PRINT  (2/15)

Verb Tenses Worksheet PRINT  (complete, was class work)

Homophone Clues Worksheet PRINT  (3/3)

Find Meaning from Text PRINT (2/15, Velveteen Rabbit) (I couldn’t find a copy of the Ugly Duckling worksheet so this is acceptable even if I find an extra copy of the Ugly Duckling assignment in my files tomorrow)

MLK Junior Letter from Birmingham Jail PRINT  (2/21)

Wesley Harris Account of Escaped Slave Packet PRINT  (2/18)

**African American History, Time for Kids, Phyllis Wheatley, Althea Gibson, G.W. Carver, and James VanDerZee- double-sided, A Peaceful Leader timeline on back (posted above)

**Future Tenses, Read and Discover Worksheets, pg. 41 on one side (other side the number is cut off) – Future Tenses, Lesson 15   … online version available, I’ll print out some copies tomorrow)





Scholastic Mystery Words Notes  (1/31, students were to write a short story using the mystery vocabulary words from

Mr. Cookie Mystery Prompt, short 1-2 page story using the strategies and vocabulary terms for authenticity –  (2/1, the directions were fairly simple on the blog, I’m having trouble finding them now but basically the idea was that Mr. Cookie had something stolen from him and the mystery centered around who stole the item and/or where it went?  You can be creative and flexible with your story so long as it incorporates some of the mystery terms that we’ve studied on that Scholastic handout as well as any other skills that you’ve picked up during our lengthy study of the mystery genre.

Create and describe your own detective that you will use in your mystery stories as we move ahead.  (2/10, compose at least a 1 page thorough description of your detective, a character that you will use across a handful of upcoming mystery stories.

Mysteries in the world that we come across in our lives but never stop to think how magical nature truly is.   (2/10, compose at least a 1 page response based off our lengthy class discussion about mysteries in nature and all around us, things that we take for granted every day and consider normal, i.e. lightning, planes flying in the sky, fish that rain from the sky, sonic booms, etc.  just interesting things that you might not understand just yet because you’re young.  Are there answers to these mysteries or are they just that, mysteries?

Editing Worksheet 1  (3/3, Part 1 of the double-sided worksheet)

Advanced Forming Questions  (3/3, Part 2 of the double-sided worksheet)

RFK Reflection essay- Robert Kennedy gave a speech to a crowd of supporters on the back of a pickup truck.  This speech was considered important because this was the first that the crowd had heard that MLK Jr. was assassinated literally moments before.  RFK, upon hearing this sad news, was the right person at the right time to keep the crowd in check and also with their minds on the memory and legacy of Dr. King.

(2/23, students were to write a 1-2 page reflection to the speech itself, what it meant to them, what they heard, how it impacted the audience, why the speech is considered historically powerful and moving, etc.  Think of the 5 W’s.  Think about the context of the times, that MLK was literally murdered less than 30 minutes before, and that Robert Kennedy was also running for President at the time which made things equally more difficult for him as he did not want to come off as taking advantage of King’s death.  Think of the potential impact on the civil rights movement, and listen closely with an open mind and heart when Kennedy speaks about the loss of his own brother.  Truly a moving, unwritten and unplanned, speech.


possessivenouns2    (2/25, Possessive Nouns Worksheet, pg. 2 from, Part 1 of a double-sided worksheet)


possessive_nouns_19_2011  (2/25 Possessive Nouns worksheet, Part 2 of a double-sided worksheet)


March on Washington Writing HW PRINT  (2/25, March on Washington information page with DBQ questions, the response should be at least 1 page, NOT 3 SENTENCES.  This will be graded on a scale of 0-100 so my advice will be to follow the directions and do your best, try incorporating your own thoughts and feelings into your reflection after reading the article.

Secondary Characters assignment, students were shown descriptions of characters from the movie ‘Inside Out’ among others in hopes of inspiring them to develop very detailed characteristics of their own.   (3/3, since this assignment is late or missing, students need to develop at least 5 characters of their own, preferably characters that they can include in a mystery story of their own.  This can be a short story but it has to include at least 3 of the 5 characters that you created.  The story must also resemble the style in which you developed your characters.  The link to the Inside Out character descriptions is below.




Math Assignments

Chapter 14 Extra Practice Worksheets (pgs. 107-114)

Extra Practice 5B Worksheet, Lesson 13.4- Triangle inequalities

pgs. 95 and 96

Chapter 14 Enrichment Worksheets  (3D Shapes, pgs. 52-59)

Chapter 14 Assessment Resource  (Chapter 14 Pre-Test, pgs. 131-138)

Faces Edges Vertices Worksheet PRINT (This assignment should be completed due to excessively late work.  All of the worksheets below will be in gradebook soon)

3D Shape Properties Worksheet 7 PRINT  (will be in gradebook soon)

Geometry Find the Net Worksheet 2 PRINT  (will be in gradebook soon)

3D Shapes Properties Worksheet PRINT USE  (will be in gradebook soon)

Geometrically Speaking Worksheet  (3/26, Geometrically Speaking worksheet, Scholastic Success w/ Vocabulary, pg. 17)

Profit Loss Worksheets  (3/26, Profit/Loss Worksheet, pgs. 59-60)

March Daily Math Resources  (March Calendar Assorted Problems, will be added to the gradebook this week)

math review week of 2-22-16 (2/29, Math Review packet for the week of 2/22
Monday-Friday questions)

math review week of 2-29-16

Math Weekly Review 3/21

math review week of 3-14-16

math review week of 3-7-16

Rhombus Rectangle Square Trapezoid Kite NOTES   (keep for notes)

Math Chapter 12 Extra Practice  (2/29, Put Your Thinking Cap On!  Extra Practice 5B Worksheets, pgs. 83-84)

Math Chapter 13 Extra Practice  (2/29, Chapter 13, Lesson 3 Worksheet, pgs. 91-96, Extra Practice 5B)

  • Extra Practice 5B Worksheet pgs. 101-102, complete questions 5-8 regarding shapes and angles (rhombus, trapezoid)
  • Lesson 13.5, Extra Practice 5B, Parallelogram, Rhombus, and Trapezoid, pgs. 99-100
  • Extra Practice worksheets, 5B, pgs. 103-106
    Put on Your Thinking Cap!

Math Chapter 13 Enrichment

Math Chapter 13 Extra Practice  (3/3, Chapter 13 Packet, Properties of Triangles and Four-Sided Figures, pgs. 87-90)

math review week of 2-22-16

Estimating Angles Worksheet 2

Estimating Angles  (2/25, Estimating Angles Worksheet 2, common core, double-sided worksheet with Finding Missing Angles on the other side)

Finding Missing Angles Worksheet 2  (2/25, Estimating Angles Worksheet 2, side 2)

Classify Quadrilaterals Worksheet HOMEWORK (2/21, Classify Quadrilaterals Worksheet, classify (name) the quadrilaterals, 1a-5b, homeschool/

Classify_Triangles_Worksheet SIDE 2  (2/21, Classifying Triangles Worksheet 2, acute, right, and obtuse, 1a-4b,

Classify_Triangles_Worksheet  (2/21, Classifying Triangles Worksheet 1, classify by sides, equilateral, isosceles, and scalene, 1a-4b,

math review week of 2-8-16 (2/9, Friday Math Review Questions from Steph)

Angles 1 Step Equations 2 PRINT (2/8, Angles, One-Step Equations,

Angles 1 Step Equations Quiz (3/3, second worksheet on the concept)

Find Measure of Multiple Missing Angles 2 PRINT  (2/10, side 1 of the double-sided worksheet, Angles- Multiple Rays)

Find Missing Angle Value 3 PRINT (2/10, side 2 of the double-sided worksheet, Find the Missing Angle)

Find Measure of Multiple Missing Angles PRINT  (, students should complete this simple assignment as pennance for extremely late work.

Find Missing Value of Angle   (2/10, Find the Missing Angle)

Finding Angles within Shapes  (2/9, complete as an extra assignment for late work)

Angles within Shapes (2/9,  Angles in Shapes, single worksheet, #s 1-10,

Find Missing Angle 2 PRINTGeometry Angles Challenge Workheet PRINT

  • The above two worksheets are part of the Chapter 12 & 13 Test
    Geometry Worksheet from
    double-sided with Angles in a Triangle 2 worksheet, from
  • ALSO students were to complete 5B Textbook pg. 185, 3-16

Classifying Angles Worksheet

Acrobatic Angles Worksheet Obtuse Acute Right  (2/9, Acrobatic Angles Worksheet)

Geometry Angles Sides Notes PRINT SIDE 2 NOTES  (just use for notes)


The assignments below will be printed in class the first chance I get…

  • Worksheet pgs. 135-138 will be printed in class as I don’t have copies online.
  • Math Worksheet pgs. 147-148, Worksheet 5, Parallelogram, Rhombus, and Trapezoid.
  • Reteach 5B Worksheet, Worksheet 5, Parallelogram, Rhombus, and Trapezoid, pgs. 147-152.







These Reading Assignments from the Grammar Book below aren’t available online, there have been copies of all these assignments, however, in class in the bin labeled “extra worksheets” and yet no one has cared to even look.  I’ll make copies of the assignments below as soon as I can tomorrow.

  • Compound Sentences worksheet, pgs. 21-22
  • Simple Subjects and Simple Predicates, Read and Discover pgs. 9-10, double-sided
  • Compound Subjects and Predicates, pgs. 11-12, Read and Discover, Lesson 3
  • Direct Objects, pgs. 13-14, Read and Discover, Lesson 4
  • Indirect Objects, pgs. 15-16, Read and Discover, Lesson 5


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  1. um hello. I did the African American sheet a while ago along with my 1st spelling quiz and you has them both. NetClassroom says that I have a 0 for them both! please put in the proper grade for them both you have them, and I can’t re-do the 1st spelling quiz.


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    See you tomorrow, pal.


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