Spring Break Work

Work on completing the Spring Break packet for submission on Monday.  If you do a little bit each day, the assignment can be completed comfortably under a week.  


Math– Students should work on completing the problems below.  There is one page that is easier and one that echoes the actual Algebra concepts that we started working on the past week.  If you hear “I don’t know how to do this,” that’s because someone hasn’t been paying attention or taking notes!

DOWNLOAD: Algebra Find Value of Variable PRINT

DOWNLOAD: Algebra Addition Like Terms PRINT


Writing- Focus Project- while this has appeared hectic at times (understandably), students have already completed a rough draft essay of their essential question and one source.

Students are tasked with finding 2 written sources and 2 videos that again represent their essential question.  The ultimate goal is to incorporate all of this research into an essay full of questions, answers, and maybe some conclusions.

While I would like (and recommend) for kids to practice adding the new information to their rough drafts over the break, the assignment will simply be to have everything ready to go for Monday.


Social Studies-  

Current Events 5S– this week will be personal choice






Presidents List (due Monday)

If your name is NOT listed below, you OWE 1 set.











One thought on “Spring Break Work

  1. Hi Mr. Santeramo!
    I am at my grandmothers home and all of my articles are on my focus project final draft, I just can’t print them from where I am right now. Can I just pull them up on your computer?
    Have a nice Spring Break!
    – Jazmine C. Sawyer


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