Grading Update

Hi, hope all is going well this week.

I just wanted to let everyone know that the grading for all subjects except Writing will be completed within the next hour or two.  I already started inputting some assignments while at the same time reviewing some previous work just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  So far and unsurprising to me, I have yet to come across a ‘missing or misplaced assignment, i.e. someone who claimed to hand work in but never actually did.  What I do have, however, are a number of additions to our no name basket that is clearly labeled in the room.

Keep in mind that I cannot give any credit for situations such as this.  While I know through talking with many of you that you spend time working with and/or going over Homework with your child (the latter being the most important), it is unfortunate that for whatever reason certain students are just flat out not submitting their assignments.  They at times don’t submit the work when I collect it because they are unprepared and don’t have it during class (despite countless announcements).  Other times kids don’t hand it in is because they are fooling around, or lastly, they don’t hand it in because they never actually did it!  But to those kids who are not handing in the work that they complete with mom or dad: please step up and start doing the right thing because the only person that is being hurt is yourself!

If you have any questions about missed work, please check your child’s grades in FA Web as that is what the site is meant for.  About 99% of all assignments that we did this quarter are posted below (you might have to look back til the beginning of April when I first uploaded all the handouts that I had for every subject per request.  Everything is clearly labeled and matches up 100% with every assignment that was given out, down to the descriptions and dates.  There should be 0 reasons why you can’t access any of the files, but if you have a problem w/ a specific worksheet or something of that nature, just let me know.  Because of the use of FA Web, those smaller kinds of questions are what I’ll answer, not ‘can you please tell me what assignments my child has missed?’

Thank you for your help and support.  Please make sure that all the Homework and take-home Quizzes/Tests are completed because these two items will severely damage your grade!

****I’ve noticed a handful of assignments missing from students that were absent.  As has been clearly stated since September, if you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to check the website and complete the work.  I’ve had extra handouts on the shelf on the side of the room for precisely this reason and yet students are still overlooking the simplest way for them to get caught up.  Being absent does not excuse you from completing the work, plain and simple.  Thanks.****


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