First Homework of Marking Period 4!

Final grades for marking period 3 will be entered into the gradebook tonight.  If you check tomorrow morning that’d be the best bet (I often work late).  Thanks!

**Class has been highly disruptive leading up to the break and including today. Please remind your child that it’s only April and even though it’s bright and sunny out, we still have a job to do!  Thanks!**


Reading– 50 minutes this evening, complete your reading logs and summaries for full credit.

(many people are not doing the summaries and thus are receiving 6 and 7’s.  This over time can really hurt your overall grade!)

Tomorrow we will continue with Book Clubs with the goal of starting our Fantasy unit by the end of this week or Monday of next week.


Writing– because almost all students did not have their articles printed and ready for today, tonight’s Homework will be to bring in both articles and have ready 2 videos that match up and support your essential question.  We will be writing a more detailed draft of our Focus Project in class tomorrow (please don’t write anything at home, thanks!)


Math– two worksheets, Chapter 5, Reteach 5A, pgs. 143-146 (this corresponds to Chapter 5, Lesson 1 in the textbook if you would like to review)

Tomorrow we will pick up again with the Stock Prices

Social Studies- assignment for tomorrow.


11 thoughts on “First Homework of Marking Period 4!

    1. The video obviously just bring in the link and you can work on it in the Library tomorrow. You can also take notes of the video at home and then bring the information in with you…that makes the most sense to me but what do I know 🙂


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