Homework 4/28

Everyone has 2 sets of Presidents tonight.  Not only was the room left a mess, but throughout the day the entire class (maybe not all at once) refused to follow repeated instructions to stay seated and keep their voices down.  We started at one set and worked our way up to 2 once I realized that the consequence wasn’t making an impact.  If this nonsense continues, we will continue to do busy work until it sinks in that defiant behavior is unacceptable.


Math– 5A Workbook pages 184-186 (for whatever reason, many students are still ignoring the examples provided to them on the work – please focus on how to combine like terms as we are moving on tomorrow)


**Please check the Grade Book because many students are missing work.  If your child says they did the work in school, ask to see it as many kids are simply not telling the truth.


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