Homework 5/31

Writing– students should complete their persuasive letters that they started today in class.  Since only 7 students did their Homework, including the essay and worksheet, (aside from those with passes) we will continue with this exercise tonight.

As written in the previous post from Friday, these letters are intended to persuade either a corporation or athlete (or famous person) that their product is good/bad or you love someone so much that you really want their autograph (or a t-shirt!)  In your letter you should include a bit about where you are from and why you are writing the letter in the first place.  What is it about this person/business that inspired you to write?

I’ve read a few wonderful persuasive essays thus far and so I know that the class understands very well the expectations for this assignment.  See this past Friday’s post for further detail.

  • 5 paragraphs
  • Students should also Google the address of their company or the fan club/mailing address for their favorite athlete.  I showed students how to do this in class today so there should be no reason that they cannot find this information.  A handful of smaller websites, though, only offer an email address so we’ll have to send them a letter that way (Skai had this issue, for example).
  • Tomorrow in class we will fill out our envelopes and put them in the mail!


Math– Chapter 6 Quiz in class tomorrow, covers all the concepts from Lessons 6.1-6.3, Area of Triangles

We will continue working in our Common Core Math Workbooks tomorrow so make sure that you have yours available!


Reading– 60 minutes, logs and summaries for full credit


Social Studies–  FOR BOTH 5S AND 5L.  You should have your Homework from Friday finished and ready to go. If not, the work is provided for you below.

  1. Read pgs. 370-373, answer in COMPLETE sentences
  2. pgs. 377-379, answer questions #2 and 4
  • 3 notes per purple section (9 total)

3. pgs. 380-381, #s 1-4 and Apply Learning section (this can simply be directions on   how to make a recipe or how to play a sport, any type of activity that supports the usage of a flow chart will be fine.  I would like it to be historically related but if you have trouble with your facts, stick with what you know.  A flow chart explains the process of something from beginning to end).

4.  Complete pgs. 382-383- #s 1-3



Spring Break Packets

The packet consists of Math and Writing grades that are weighted more than regular assignments.  I have to discuss with my adviser first before I can be 100% certain which category this work falls under, but it’s a safe bet to assume that it’s not Homework

I will be done with grading these items today.

I will then start working on the Awards ceremony as it is going to be very difficult to come up with a diverse list of names of students that earned and deserve their recognition.  I will also confirm with my adviser whether or not every student will receive an award of some kind; there’s been a bit of confusion regarding this as some staff members (and parents) are split on the idea.

Anyway, see this space for further updates.

Also, don’t forget to check the gradebook!  Many kids are failing one or more subjects and so please take the initiative in asking your child why they are doing so poorly so that they can turn things around in this last month.  We have finals coming up, too, including History, so the month of June will be packed with opportunities to improve your grades.  Also, check the blog as I’ll continue to upload all the assignments I can that the majority of students have yet to hand in.  

I’m going to send out a mass email tonight or tomorrow to parents reminding them to check the grade book if their child is doing poorly as described above.  There is no ‘extra’ work for them to complete to improve their grade, they just have to finish the work that has been previously assigned.  I am not going to print things out for each individual child, either, as they know by now (since the second marking period) that it’s their responsibility to print at home or in the library any assignments they may have missed.

Any questions just let me know, thanks….see this space tonight for any changes.


Sneak Peek for Incoming 4th Grade Parents & Award Ceremony for 5th Grade

The date for the Sneak Peek is June 2nd at 4:30.  I reached out to a few parents and so far I know that they will be coming and speaking about their experiences with the 5th grade this year.

I’ll put up information regarding the Awards Ceremony tomorrow within this same post so all the information is in one spot.  We are still working out some minor logistics with that portion of the Moving Up ceremony, though other than that, things are pretty much ready to go.

Again, see this space tomorrow for a further update.  Thanks@

Grade Book Updated

So I just got finished updating the grade book with every single paper that was submitted to me over the past week or so.

What I have said before is still true today; about less than half of the class is actually submitting their work.  While this might come as a shock  to those parents that are spending the hard-earned time out of their day to ensure their child is getting their work done, for whatever reason, these assignments are not making their way into my hands or the Homework bin.

I graded the Spring Break packets and so all that’s left to do is input those numbers, however, as I’ve said before, certain students have appeared to have checked out weeks and weeks ago and it  is truly showing through their lack of care and consideration put into their work.  Right now I have many students who are failing or on the cusp of just that; I will send out a general email to parents tomorrow night warning them to look at the grade book (in case they haven’t been as they should be already) so there are no more surprises on your end.

The Spring Break grade will help but it won’t change things much.  Aside from that there might be one assignment here and there but nothing that will ultimately change the final grade much if at all.

I will continue to update my blog with the missing work whenever I can (I put the Math up weeks ago which needs another update and the History just this past week), however, this is the last time I will do so as students are simply waiting for the chance to redo the work since they know I will accept it.  They are literally losing assignments within moments of me handing them out and in my opinion, this comes down to responsibility, nothing more, nothing less.  Our soon-to-be-6th graders need to become more accountable for their own work and educations and must rely lesser than ever on mom and dad going to bat for them to find out the work they missed….that is why we have an online gradebook, for students themselves to access and inquire about their missing work.  

I will continue to update this space as we move ahead.  Teachers are extremely busy over the next couple of weeks with the end-of-year logistics that comes along with the job.  I have to come up with awards for all students no matter what and that will take time.

As seen in a previous post, our Sneak Peek for the incoming 4th grade parents will be on June 5th.  Lastly, we have finals (including Social Studies) and so I am in the midst of making that as well.

All in all, by this final marking period I expect the students to be able to access their grade book information and download any missing work on their own (so long as it’s been posted by me).

If you hear via email from me tomorrow about whether or not your child is failing a particular subject, please consult the grade book first before asking me why and what assignments they are missing.  The description in the grade book should be more than enough to figure out what you’re missing; if not, easily match it up with the blog. Use the tools that we now have available to us; when we were in school we didn’t have this option and so it’s a blessing to be able to track your child’s work.

If you have questions other than which assignments are missing, just let me know, thanks!


Homework 5/26

The Grade Book will be updated this weekend.  I’m still receiving HW from about 1/2 the class on a daily basis.  At some point this assumption that students will receive makeup work will have to stop as I’m finding on many occasions they are not turning things in on time on purpose.  Today, for example, I received maybe 10 Math assignments and about 7 Writing worksheets w/ essays.  There is a responsibility and discipline behind doing this work and so we must hold students accountable for their actions.   

Homework Pass Students do not have to complete the Math OR Writing

  • Yasmeena
  • Skai
  • Sahada
  • Nylah
  • Toni
  • Sabrina


Reading- 60 minutes, log, and summaries

Math- Math Worksheet, if you do not show work I will assume you simply looked at the answers and you will receive 0 credit.


History- FOR BOTH 5S AND 5L

  1. read pgs. 370-373, answer in COMPLETE sentences

2) pgs. 377-379, answer questions #2 and 4

  • 3 notes per purple section (9 total)


3)  pgs. 380-381, #s 1-4 and Apply Learning section (this can simply be directions on how to make a recipe or how to play a sport, any type of activity that supports the usage of a flow chart will be fine.  I would like it to be historically related but if you have trouble with your facts, stick with what you know.  A flow chart explains the process of something from beginning to end).

4)  Complete pgs. 382-383- #s 1-3


Writing- double-sided Pros and Cons worksheet (link below, I forgot to hand it out, sorry!)

Persuasive Essay Sample PRINT (this is just an example of what your essay should look like)

Both Sides of an Argument Worksheet PRINT (this is the actual worksheet)

Also, students will compose a persuasive essay to a specific business/corporation in order to let them know whether they liked the product they purchased from them or they disliked it and why.  Do you feel that they owe you something in return for their terrible product?  Or do you want to praise them for their good work?  What was good about it?  Bad?

I pose this question because when I was younger, I used to do this here and there and sometimes the companies would send me free stuff (samples, t-shirts, etc.) in return.  Sometimes I would get a letter back simply acknowledging that they heard you loud and clear.  If you read the back of a cereal box or other items, it says something along the lines of “if you didn’t like this product, please send us the leftovers and we’ll send you a refund.”  If a company puts this on the box, what does it say about the confidence in their own brand?  We discussed this today so students should have a good idea of what is going on.

Simply address the letter to the company of your choice.  On Tuesday (if you haven’t already found it) we will look up the addresses and send these letters off to their respective locations.  Hopefully sooner than later we will hear a response to at least one person in class!

OPTION 2, same as the first except a different type of persuasion…

  • This also works for athletes as I received about 10 autographs from players back in the day whose addresses were available in Sports Illustrated for Kids Magazine.  You might have to do some research on finding that information now, but it’s definitely out there.  If you can find the Fan Club information for these athletes, that’s your best bet at reaching them.


Science– Volume 1, pg. 139-152 and Blood & Circulation worksheet due Wednesday, June 1st

Science Spectacular due the Tuesday we get back to school!!


Reading- 60 minutes per day, logs, and summaries.  Students should be reading the following books below.  Very few students on this list are actually finished with their books (I’d say 2-3) and unfortunately some left their books in school.  Credit will be taken off.

  • Group U– Carl, Sahada, Nia, Nylah (reading City of Ember)
  • Group Q-R– (Spiderwick Chronicles), first two books are available, Keysean, Destin, Cedrick, JaLon
  • Group T– (Animorphs), more books available, Skai, Justin, Sabrina, Javon, Yuuki, Haleem, Carolina
  • Group V– Deborah, Peter, Cierra, Jazmine, Toni, Yasmeena (get their own books from the library, read and share when they are done)


Homework 5/25

Everyone has a set of presidents today unless I spoke to you otherwise.  (N.B. you are excused as well)


Writing– see link below

Students are to choose one of the four questions to continue and write a proper persuasive 5 paragraph essay about using facts not just opinions to support.  Do not write your own topic. (if you want to change football to another sport that’s fine.

LINK: Persuasive Introductions Worksheet


Math- double-sided worksheet on Area of Triangles, one side has whole numbers and the other has decimals, hopefully it makes the Math a bit tougher.




Reading- 60 minutes, logs, and summaries.  Students should be reading a fantasy book and not just any novel.  


Homework 5/24

Reading– Make sure that you have your fantasy book club materials/notes ready to go for tomorrow (today got pushed back due to Project Lead).  You should

Persuasive Essay Samples to read as practice complete the questions and take notes to use for your Writing homework.  You must read at least 2 of these samples and take notes on them as this information will be collected tomorrow.  One of these samples you will reflect on using the directions below.  


Writing– Since many people did not read the blog correctly last night (a habit of late), students must bring in their actual facts and the actual source they used to supplement their papers.  Instead, I received more opinion essays; the goal was to have the proper notes so we could write the essay in class but we could not do that today since the majority of students were not properly prepared.  Please make sure you are ready to go with actual sources to support the argument of your choice from the other night (there were 3 to choose from).

For tonight, write a 1 page reflection, 4-5 paragraphs (4-5 sentences per paragraph) on one of the sample topics that you chose to read.  Think about the following questions…

  • How is this essay different from mine?
  • What can I do differently to improve my argument?
  • Did you agree/disagree with the writer, why or why not?


More notes to help you write…

WikiHow to Write a Persuasive Essay (Step-by-Step)

How to Write an Argument, pg. 33

  • Collect evidence that allows you to think through various sides of an argument.
  • Rehearse by explaining your position and listing your reasons point by point.
  • Plan your claim and reasons into boxes-and-bullets structure.
  • Use evidence to support your reason.
    • Paraphrase, putting it in your own words.


Math- double-sided worksheet, pgs. 165-168

5A Textbook pgs. 260-261, #s 1-9

Homework 5/23


Those students who I see are putting in the work in at home are in line for a bonus!



*****Issue #1 – to every student except for 1, please go back and look at the Writing instructions for 5/20.  Did you complete and bring in one of the graphic organizers that Mr. S put online so I could have guidance and help with my essay?  Did you have your list of Pros and Cons?  Did you even read or consider the notes that Mr. S wrote for you so you could better understand the expectations of the assignment and the entire Unit moving forward?  Did you notice the layout that literally laid out everything you needed to do step by step?  Honestly, the work that was submitted today was atrocious and nearly 20/21 students would have received 3s before I even got to reading the work.  Please follow the instructions as provided.  This ‘doing what I feel like doing blase’ attitude’ will no longer fly; the fourth marking period is your last chance to improve your grades, not do your best effort at hurting them.  


Only one or two people did as they were supposed to; students were to use one of the attached graphic organizers to help them set up their research so that they did not have a paper full of baseless opinions.

As a result, I have returned each essay that was submitted to me so they can be worked on again in the future.

Instead of rewriting the entire essay tonight, though, I would prefer it if students bring in at least one graphic organizer full of facts supporting their cause (one of the 3 choices they had over the weekend).  Once we have expert opinions and research/data, i.e. NUMBERS to back us up, we can then input that information into paragraph form (which we will do in class SO PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THE ESSAY AT HOME).  Our persuasive essays will be that much more powerful because they will have evidence that supports our claims!  

**BRING IN AT LEAST 5-10 FACTS IN COMPLETE SENTENCES THAT BACK UP YOUR CLAIM, also bring in the resource(s) where you got your information from so we can use it as an in-text citation.  

**See Friday’s Homework for a more thorough explanation of how a Persuasive essay should be written.  If you are just writing your own perspective without anything to back it up, that’s not good enough and your ideas will have holes poked through them during our next debate!


LINK– Writing Session 4 Practice Essay  same as the handout that I gave you today


Reading– continue reading your Fantasy books for 60 minutes tonight, complete your logs and summaries.

***same as Friday

Tonight, take some time to work on your reading notebook, to think about what your club might want to discuss tomorrow, and to mark up your books so you are ready to quote and cite.  You may even want to call some club members tonight to make some detailed plans.  The goal is (at worst) to bring in some note cards with some notes and key points for discussion (at least 5 key points of emphasis, quotes, specific plot points or settings, etc.)

  • Also, please fill out the Character Wheel worksheet- use direct quotations (word for word) from the book to give examples of what the character thinks, feels, says to others, and does (actions).  Fill this out in complete sentences.  
  • You filled out a chart for your main character over the weekend.  Use these new charts to help you describe your supporting characters and their involvement in the story.