Ancient Greece links

Below are some supplemental links to different websites on Ancient Greece.  Some of the websites are geared towards children and thus the information is not as strong as some of the other sites which are more official.  I have been getting much of my information from this material and, as we discussed in class, the Gods and Goddesses portion of the one website will be on your Quiz.  My advice would be to just look over these sites on your own time and take notes on things that might be new or different than what we discussed in class.  While this is currently not a graded assignment, there is a strong possibility there will be so keep that in mind.


Children’s University of Manchester – Ancient Greece

British Museum – Ancient Greece  (this by far is the best site that I’ve seen in terms of information and ease of access)

PBS Website – Ancient Greece  (this website is neat because it has 3D tours and other interactive resources, you just need Quicktime to view them)

Web Quest 2 – Ancient Greece  (this is the website that you are using to complete your Homework this evening.  While we are only doing certain sections of questions for assignments, there are also other categories that you can research on your own.)

Official Olympics website  (this official website of the Olympics has sections dealing with the history of the games starting from the first organized competitions in Greece all the way through to more modern events that began in the late 1800s.  This information can be used to help you with your writing assignment.)

BBC website on Ancient Greece for Students  (this website covers the Olympic games as well as some of the different temples dedicated to the gods.  There are also different activities and links to related material that can further support your learning and our discussions in class.)

Biography of Plato – Ancient Greece  (this is an interesting website as the link takes you to a biography of Plato, one of the genius minds of Ancient Greece who was also a student of Socrates)

Trojan Horse activity  (this website has the directions for the Trojan Horse activity that we were planning to do in class.  If time does not allow us to do this project as well as create and design our own Spartan shields, the Trojan Horse assignment will be take-home and the shield project we will do in class.)

Scholastic Go For the Gold – Ancient Greece Olympic Games  (this website is what you are using to complete your writing homework tonight.  It has information on the Olympic games)







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