Science Spectacular!

Hi, apologies for the late notice on this event as both myself and Miss Lujan were just informed of this today.  All of the information that you would need to participate in this event is posted below.  If you have any specific questions that are not answered in the provided literature, just let me know and I’ll do my best to assist you as soon as possible. I looked over each document and it appears to be straight-forward, but if you still need help just be sure to ask.  Thanks!

It’s that time of  the year again for the

!!!!Science Spectacular!!!!

See below for all necessary information:

  • science-fair-draft-paper-and-due-dates  (This link has instructions that should help you with your drafts as well as all of the upcoming due dates (it looks like the project is done piecemeal to make things more manageable).  
  • science-spectacular-draft-paper  This is the draft paper that you are supposed to use when writing out your scientific method.  The document is purposefully sectioned off by number along with the specific criteria to cover (Observations, Purpose, Hypothesis, etc.).  As a result, please do not hand-write this using lined paper.  


Some helpful websites (via Miss Lujan).   If the instructions allow, you may research using different websites so long as your efforts fit within the specific ‘Science Spectacular’ rules and standards as described in this post.  

Make sure that you document all of your research – every website you use as well as where you found the specific facts and details that you’re incorporating into the rough draft of your research report.  The biggest rule of all, though, is TO HAVE FUN!!

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