Homework 5/11

Reading– see the provided handout for Session 1 Homework (I describe it a bit below under Writing)

60 minutes, complete your reading Logs and summaries as I will be checking them first thing tomorrow.

Vocabulary definitions will be checked tomorrow.  Quiz on Friday.

  • genuine
  • appreciate
  • chronology
  • teleport
  • ambivalent
  • voracious
  • intolerant
  • sophisticated
  • Tartarus
  • companion


Math– double-sided worksheet

The work should get more difficult every 5 problems and then on the last 3, for those that want to try the next step up, use the Distributive Property first before solving.

**if you do well on this assignment I will count it as the second half of Chapter 5 Quiz


Writing– complete the Reading homework (which means write more than just a few words.  When describing your numerous settings, be sure to describe exactly what is going on instead of just 1 or 2 words.


Social Studies– complete workbook pages 84-85

**if you left your book in school you might have trouble with this.

Chapter 8-9 Test on Friday for 5S

5L Test will be given the first class next week




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