Homework 5/12

Zoom in on to the picture, I’m stuck in traffic right now and so I’ll type it when I get home hopefully before 6.  You might have to open this in a new tab to be able to see the full screen.


Math– complete the last 2-sided worksheet on Algebra problems

The last 6 problems use the distributive property- consult your notes or ask for help if your not sure what to do.

Social Studies- your SHIELD PROJECT IS DUE TOMORROW – late projects will lose points, including students who have to finish theirs in class tomorrow

  • starting China tomorrow


Writing-  Debate Preparation

  • Students should prepare for both sides of our chosen question.
  • 10 + notes FOR the topic
  • 10+ notes AGAINST the topic
  • You MUST bring in your research to get credit, including hand-written notes (studies, statistics and data).  Identify the websites that you used to help in your planning.



Tomorrow you will be put on opposing sides as the Debate gets underway!


Reading- Spelling Quiz 1 of Quarter 4 is tomorrow

  • Session 2: Note Where and How You Learn New Information

As you read tonight, note any places where you learn important new information.  When you find these, take a moment, and notice how you learned this information.  Did another character teach you and the main character?  Did the main character make a discovery?  Did you learn something the character didn’t?  Jot at least two Post-its or quick entries, so you’ll be able to share with your club.

  • complete your Reading logs tonight, 60 minutes plus summaries
  • Be sure to write your notes on the main characters, plot, setting, etc. in your Reader’s Notebook.  You should be reading your fantasy book club book at home (or your personal book ONLY if your from the group that was given these instructions).






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