Homework 5/16

Don’t forget out trip to the Natural History Museum tomorrow!  Slips and $ are necessary to attend.  Thanks!


  • Homework not due until Wednesday.


Question: ‘Chocolate Milk v. No Chocolate Milk, should it be served in schools?

  • 5 paragraph essay
  • needs your Pro/Con notes along with the essay

Here is the link to the PRO milk video : Pro Milk Video

Anti-Chocolate Milk Article

  • Schools around the world serve chocolate milk — and kids love it.  On a recent Australian newscast, investigative reporter Chloe Baker interviewed children about chocolate milk.  “The only time I get chocolate milk is when I go to school only,” one student told Ms. Baker, as her friends nodded.  In fact, many children only get to have chocolate milk at school — but they get to drink a lot of it there.  Some children consume as many as 10 or even 15 cartons of chocolate milk in a week at school.  Baker noted that “it’s an out-of-control problem.”
  • Chocolate milk has a sky-high sugar content.  One tiny carton of chocolate milk has approximately 30 grams of sugar.  That is more than a can of soda — and you wouldn’t see schools giving kids Coke.  In fact, according to the Coca-Cola company, a mini-can, which contains 7.5 fluid ounces of soda, has only 25 grams of sugar.  Thus, a small container of chocolate milk has approximately 20% more sugar than soda.
  • Try to set up your notes in a T-Chart formation.  Do more research on whichever side you choose.  

Please use the graphic organizers from a previous post.  You have to explain using facts and information WHY you feel a certain way.


Reading- 60 minutes, logs, and summaries.  Students should be reading their fantasy novels and using their Reader’s notebooks to record their notes chapter by chapter as well as any interesting points such as main ideas, characters, and settings.  


Math-  Chapter 6, pg. 247, Lesson 1, Area of a Triangle

Just look over this material so we can start with fresh eyes on Monday.


25 thoughts on “Homework 5/16

  1. ha, well let’s see how it shakes out 🙂 If you’re in my group tomorrow, though, you’re going to learn an insane amount of stuff….the kids that are with me are going to be getting a living Homework lesson….wohooo!!


    1. I know that the password is 12345

      The username is probably a combination of your name…. maybe jsawyer
      or jsawyer@pacsnewark.

      Try that…or jsawyer@myschooliscool.org

      Or check the thread to see if anyone figured out it.

      Lastly, why is everything asking about Think Central? You don’t even need it tonight so I’m completely lost.


  2. Why are people losing their minds over Think Central? I mean, if you brought the book home as you were supposed to, you wouldn’t have this problem right now. Pretty much everyone here is coming across not prepared and hoping for a prayer that will allow them access the material that they should already have in front of them.

    If I’m missing something please just let me know, because right now it looks like the bulk of the class is not doing the right thing.


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