Our Year Through Pictures

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This top Slideshow features the same images below.  I have a few more pictures I can upload but I’m also absolutely willing to update this using other student or parent photos that were taken on our field trips or during other school events, for example.  I had originally been thinking about doing this a little while back until the other day when I had a conversation with a particular parent that inspired me to get up and get moving.  She agreed that it was a good idea and so once she gave me the confidence to proceed,  I did just that.

Try and think of this as a video diary of your experiences this year in Room 212.  If you want to take it even a step further, you can also record a short message to your 8th grade-self  that you will intriguingly look back at how innocent and naive you were just three short years ago :0)

Anyway, this is something we can certainly talk about further. Parents, if you don’t want your child’s picture on my blog just let me know and I’ll be sure to take them down.  Remember, I only have so many photos that I’ve personally taken and so if you want to email me what you have, I’ll be glad to upload them to this thread right away.

Thanks again, I really hope that this is something we can take seriously, reflect upon, and just flat-out do well with since it taps into our student’s creativity and interest in art and photography.



Set 2 (mostly) from the Natural History Museum




Video Section! (under construction).  

I only have a few videos ready to go so please, send me link clips!  🙂

Unfortunately, you have to upgrade to a premium plan to upload videos.  Of course I said no because that is absurd and so at some point this week I’ll find another host for the video clips moving forward.  In general, I think the kids will enjoy them because they feature their friends and they all seem to ‘want to be on stage’ .

If you have any videos as well just let me know and I’ll work something out.  Also, Mr. Shepard sent me some more pictures of students on one of our more recent trips.  I’ll try and upload them asap.


I love you guys!  I hope that you all contribute into the visual time capsule at some point; it doesn’t have to be a photograph or video per say, but if you want to leave something else (this is not for everyone and I’m only telling a certain few students at first), that would be a nice gesture as well.  I think it’s important that every contribute but again, that conversation will come latter.

Anyway, take a look and think about this for a while.







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