Grade Book Updated

Hi, the gradebook has been updated once again.

Even though I am reminding students on a daily basis that they are missing specific assignments and thus they need to do their part of the job and check the grade book, I am still seeing missing work.

I will print out the list of missing assignments for every student once again and hopefully it gets brought home rather than tossed on the floor or in the garbage (I might make it a Homework assignment that parents must initial so that we both know for sure that you are seeing it).  

Off the top of my head, for example, I only have about 3 or 4 students who did the E-Readers v. Regular books writing activity; 1 student actually followed the complete instructions by filling out the graphic organizer AND writing the essay while the other 3 at least took some notes.

I’m also still noticing that some kids are not submitting their Quizzes after they taking them for whatever reason.  These students will have to retake the assignment when I am ready and have the time to give it and so I will let them know what to prepare for, just not necessarily the exact date.

Lastly, I have a two or so Math assignments still yet to input as well as the notes and essay for the Chocolate Milk In Schools Yes/No essay, but that’s about it.  The Spring Break packet I’ve decided to split into two parts based on both correct/incorrect answers and also completion; hopefully this way students will have a better chance at improving their grades for both Math and Reading.

Again, I’ll print out the missing work for each student for them to bring home tomorrow. As with the Math, I will upload any worksheets for reading/writing/history tomorrow after school.  For now, though, there’s plenty of Math for the majority of students to get started with.

I know that this is the 4th quarter and that it is easy to fall off, but with that said, we have to work together and do the best we can to make sure that our students/children stay on task all the way to the end…I remind them that sprinters never let up until they cross that finish line and neither should we as learners.

Any questions just let me know.  I’ll also have the last few items updated tomorrow evening.  Thanks as always for your help and support from home!



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