Homework 5/23


Those students who I see are putting in the work in at home are in line for a bonus!



*****Issue #1 – to every student except for 1, please go back and look at the Writing instructions for 5/20.  Did you complete and bring in one of the graphic organizers that Mr. S put online so I could have guidance and help with my essay?  Did you have your list of Pros and Cons?  Did you even read or consider the notes that Mr. S wrote for you so you could better understand the expectations of the assignment and the entire Unit moving forward?  Did you notice the layout that literally laid out everything you needed to do step by step?  Honestly, the work that was submitted today was atrocious and nearly 20/21 students would have received 3s before I even got to reading the work.  Please follow the instructions as provided.  This ‘doing what I feel like doing blase’ attitude’ will no longer fly; the fourth marking period is your last chance to improve your grades, not do your best effort at hurting them.  


Only one or two people did as they were supposed to; students were to use one of the attached graphic organizers to help them set up their research so that they did not have a paper full of baseless opinions.

As a result, I have returned each essay that was submitted to me so they can be worked on again in the future.

Instead of rewriting the entire essay tonight, though, I would prefer it if students bring in at least one graphic organizer full of facts supporting their cause (one of the 3 choices they had over the weekend).  Once we have expert opinions and research/data, i.e. NUMBERS to back us up, we can then input that information into paragraph form (which we will do in class SO PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THE ESSAY AT HOME).  Our persuasive essays will be that much more powerful because they will have evidence that supports our claims!  

**BRING IN AT LEAST 5-10 FACTS IN COMPLETE SENTENCES THAT BACK UP YOUR CLAIM, also bring in the resource(s) where you got your information from so we can use it as an in-text citation.  

**See Friday’s Homework for a more thorough explanation of how a Persuasive essay should be written.  If you are just writing your own perspective without anything to back it up, that’s not good enough and your ideas will have holes poked through them during our next debate!


LINK– Writing Session 4 Practice Essay  same as the handout that I gave you today


Reading– continue reading your Fantasy books for 60 minutes tonight, complete your logs and summaries.

***same as Friday

Tonight, take some time to work on your reading notebook, to think about what your club might want to discuss tomorrow, and to mark up your books so you are ready to quote and cite.  You may even want to call some club members tonight to make some detailed plans.  The goal is (at worst) to bring in some note cards with some notes and key points for discussion (at least 5 key points of emphasis, quotes, specific plot points or settings, etc.)

  • Also, please fill out the Character Wheel worksheet- use direct quotations (word for word) from the book to give examples of what the character thinks, feels, says to others, and does (actions).  Fill this out in complete sentences.  
  • You filled out a chart for your main character over the weekend.  Use these new charts to help you describe your supporting characters and their involvement in the story.



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