Homework 5/24

Reading– Make sure that you have your fantasy book club materials/notes ready to go for tomorrow (today got pushed back due to Project Lead).  You should

Persuasive Essay Samples to read as practice complete the questions and take notes to use for your Writing homework.  You must read at least 2 of these samples and take notes on them as this information will be collected tomorrow.  One of these samples you will reflect on using the directions below.  


Writing– Since many people did not read the blog correctly last night (a habit of late), students must bring in their actual facts and the actual source they used to supplement their papers.  Instead, I received more opinion essays; the goal was to have the proper notes so we could write the essay in class but we could not do that today since the majority of students were not properly prepared.  Please make sure you are ready to go with actual sources to support the argument of your choice from the other night (there were 3 to choose from).

For tonight, write a 1 page reflection, 4-5 paragraphs (4-5 sentences per paragraph) on one of the sample topics that you chose to read.  Think about the following questions…

  • How is this essay different from mine?
  • What can I do differently to improve my argument?
  • Did you agree/disagree with the writer, why or why not?


More notes to help you write…

WikiHow to Write a Persuasive Essay (Step-by-Step)

How to Write an Argument, pg. 33

  • Collect evidence that allows you to think through various sides of an argument.
  • Rehearse by explaining your position and listing your reasons point by point.
  • Plan your claim and reasons into boxes-and-bullets structure.
  • Use evidence to support your reason.
    • Paraphrase, putting it in your own words.


Math- double-sided worksheet, pgs. 165-168

5A Textbook pgs. 260-261, #s 1-9


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