Homework 5/26

The Grade Book will be updated this weekend.  I’m still receiving HW from about 1/2 the class on a daily basis.  At some point this assumption that students will receive makeup work will have to stop as I’m finding on many occasions they are not turning things in on time on purpose.  Today, for example, I received maybe 10 Math assignments and about 7 Writing worksheets w/ essays.  There is a responsibility and discipline behind doing this work and so we must hold students accountable for their actions.   

Homework Pass Students do not have to complete the Math OR Writing

  • Yasmeena
  • Skai
  • Sahada
  • Nylah
  • Toni
  • Sabrina


Reading- 60 minutes, log, and summaries

Math- Math Worksheet, if you do not show work I will assume you simply looked at the answers and you will receive 0 credit.


History- FOR BOTH 5S AND 5L

  1. read pgs. 370-373, answer in COMPLETE sentences

2) pgs. 377-379, answer questions #2 and 4

  • 3 notes per purple section (9 total)


3)  pgs. 380-381, #s 1-4 and Apply Learning section (this can simply be directions on how to make a recipe or how to play a sport, any type of activity that supports the usage of a flow chart will be fine.  I would like it to be historically related but if you have trouble with your facts, stick with what you know.  A flow chart explains the process of something from beginning to end).

4)  Complete pgs. 382-383- #s 1-3


Writing- double-sided Pros and Cons worksheet (link below, I forgot to hand it out, sorry!)

Persuasive Essay Sample PRINT (this is just an example of what your essay should look like)

Both Sides of an Argument Worksheet PRINT (this is the actual worksheet)

Also, students will compose a persuasive essay to a specific business/corporation in order to let them know whether they liked the product they purchased from them or they disliked it and why.  Do you feel that they owe you something in return for their terrible product?  Or do you want to praise them for their good work?  What was good about it?  Bad?

I pose this question because when I was younger, I used to do this here and there and sometimes the companies would send me free stuff (samples, t-shirts, etc.) in return.  Sometimes I would get a letter back simply acknowledging that they heard you loud and clear.  If you read the back of a cereal box or other items, it says something along the lines of “if you didn’t like this product, please send us the leftovers and we’ll send you a refund.”  If a company puts this on the box, what does it say about the confidence in their own brand?  We discussed this today so students should have a good idea of what is going on.

Simply address the letter to the company of your choice.  On Tuesday (if you haven’t already found it) we will look up the addresses and send these letters off to their respective locations.  Hopefully sooner than later we will hear a response to at least one person in class!

OPTION 2, same as the first except a different type of persuasion…

  • This also works for athletes as I received about 10 autographs from players back in the day whose addresses were available in Sports Illustrated for Kids Magazine.  You might have to do some research on finding that information now, but it’s definitely out there.  If you can find the Fan Club information for these athletes, that’s your best bet at reaching them.


Science– Volume 1, pg. 139-152 and Blood & Circulation worksheet due Wednesday, June 1st

Science Spectacular due the Tuesday we get back to school!!


Reading- 60 minutes per day, logs, and summaries.  Students should be reading the following books below.  Very few students on this list are actually finished with their books (I’d say 2-3) and unfortunately some left their books in school.  Credit will be taken off.

  • Group U– Carl, Sahada, Nia, Nylah (reading City of Ember)
  • Group Q-R– (Spiderwick Chronicles), first two books are available, Keysean, Destin, Cedrick, JaLon
  • Group T– (Animorphs), more books available, Skai, Justin, Sabrina, Javon, Yuuki, Haleem, Carolina
  • Group V– Deborah, Peter, Cierra, Jazmine, Toni, Yasmeena (get their own books from the library, read and share when they are done)


21 thoughts on “Homework 5/26

  1. XBoy24

    mr.s this is a serious question? Why do we need history? we only live once don’t we? Why can’t we study about the current events. Oh wait we already are. Then why can’t we get rid of history and call it CURRENT EVENTS. Btw this makes my overall grade go to an A-. Please we should have a class debate on this. #PREACHER XBOY if you want to hear more preaches go to my new blog……..preachalways24hours.wordpress.com


    1. By the way, ‘preaching’ has an actual point, just random sentences. It also uses facts and evidence to support what you’re trying to say, the two most important things missing from you ‘musings.’ I gave you along time ago a laundry list of reasons why we need to study history…but unsurprisingly, I guess you lost it, hence my powerful response below.


  2. PPPPPPPPPPPPllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. It’s a lot easier if you just get it done, especially when you have less papers to grade since about 3/4 of students didn’t hand in their homework this past week. CHECK YOUR GRADE BOOK


  3. The people who have Homework passes are the ones that won the persuasion content.

    As for why do we have history, considering it’s probably the most important subject you learn in school (yes, believe it or not, history is if not the top #1 or 2 most valuable subjects in terms of how you’ll use it in life), do yourself a favor and try to think beyond your 10-11 years of age and into the future. You’ll never understand it’s importance now, but as you get older hopefully it will sink in. Put it this way, considering the absurd amount of misinformation and false claims made by many students in class, the study of history is most invaluable when it comes to defending against the ill-informed who misuse the truth for their own twisted means.

    Study your history as it will change your life in ways that most other subjects cannot. You’re biggest problem is that you a) don’t give it a chance, b) are too young to understand it’s importance, and c) too naive to understand it’s power and influence.

    Contact me in 10 years, 15, or 20 years and I’m sure you’ll have a different perspective on things. You’ll also want to thank me for exposing you to things that no one else would have while at the same time treating you like an older kid and not a 5th grader that’s incapable of thinking for themselves.

    Your’re welcome and enjoy Monday.


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