Grade Book Updated

So I just got finished updating the grade book with every single paper that was submitted to me over the past week or so.

What I have said before is still true today; about less than half of the class is actually submitting their work.  While this might come as a shock  to those parents that are spending the hard-earned time out of their day to ensure their child is getting their work done, for whatever reason, these assignments are not making their way into my hands or the Homework bin.

I graded the Spring Break packets and so all that’s left to do is input those numbers, however, as I’ve said before, certain students have appeared to have checked out weeks and weeks ago and it  is truly showing through their lack of care and consideration put into their work.  Right now I have many students who are failing or on the cusp of just that; I will send out a general email to parents tomorrow night warning them to look at the grade book (in case they haven’t been as they should be already) so there are no more surprises on your end.

The Spring Break grade will help but it won’t change things much.  Aside from that there might be one assignment here and there but nothing that will ultimately change the final grade much if at all.

I will continue to update my blog with the missing work whenever I can (I put the Math up weeks ago which needs another update and the History just this past week), however, this is the last time I will do so as students are simply waiting for the chance to redo the work since they know I will accept it.  They are literally losing assignments within moments of me handing them out and in my opinion, this comes down to responsibility, nothing more, nothing less.  Our soon-to-be-6th graders need to become more accountable for their own work and educations and must rely lesser than ever on mom and dad going to bat for them to find out the work they missed….that is why we have an online gradebook, for students themselves to access and inquire about their missing work.  

I will continue to update this space as we move ahead.  Teachers are extremely busy over the next couple of weeks with the end-of-year logistics that comes along with the job.  I have to come up with awards for all students no matter what and that will take time.

As seen in a previous post, our Sneak Peek for the incoming 4th grade parents will be on June 5th.  Lastly, we have finals (including Social Studies) and so I am in the midst of making that as well.

All in all, by this final marking period I expect the students to be able to access their grade book information and download any missing work on their own (so long as it’s been posted by me).

If you hear via email from me tomorrow about whether or not your child is failing a particular subject, please consult the grade book first before asking me why and what assignments they are missing.  The description in the grade book should be more than enough to figure out what you’re missing; if not, easily match it up with the blog. Use the tools that we now have available to us; when we were in school we didn’t have this option and so it’s a blessing to be able to track your child’s work.

If you have questions other than which assignments are missing, just let me know, thanks!


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