Homework 5/31

Writing– students should complete their persuasive letters that they started today in class.  Since only 7 students did their Homework, including the essay and worksheet, (aside from those with passes) we will continue with this exercise tonight.

As written in the previous post from Friday, these letters are intended to persuade either a corporation or athlete (or famous person) that their product is good/bad or you love someone so much that you really want their autograph (or a t-shirt!)  In your letter you should include a bit about where you are from and why you are writing the letter in the first place.  What is it about this person/business that inspired you to write?

I’ve read a few wonderful persuasive essays thus far and so I know that the class understands very well the expectations for this assignment.  See this past Friday’s post for further detail.

  • 5 paragraphs
  • Students should also Google the address of their company or the fan club/mailing address for their favorite athlete.  I showed students how to do this in class today so there should be no reason that they cannot find this information.  A handful of smaller websites, though, only offer an email address so we’ll have to send them a letter that way (Skai had this issue, for example).
  • Tomorrow in class we will fill out our envelopes and put them in the mail!


Math– Chapter 6 Quiz in class tomorrow, covers all the concepts from Lessons 6.1-6.3, Area of Triangles

We will continue working in our Common Core Math Workbooks tomorrow so make sure that you have yours available!


Reading– 60 minutes, logs and summaries for full credit


Social Studies–  FOR BOTH 5S AND 5L.  You should have your Homework from Friday finished and ready to go. If not, the work is provided for you below.

  1. Read pgs. 370-373, answer in COMPLETE sentences
  2. pgs. 377-379, answer questions #2 and 4
  • 3 notes per purple section (9 total)

3. pgs. 380-381, #s 1-4 and Apply Learning section (this can simply be directions on   how to make a recipe or how to play a sport, any type of activity that supports the usage of a flow chart will be fine.  I would like it to be historically related but if you have trouble with your facts, stick with what you know.  A flow chart explains the process of something from beginning to end).

4.  Complete pgs. 382-383- #s 1-3



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