History Final Update

Similar results as the Math.  I graded all but 7 of 5L’s Tests and two of our class.  I started grading 5S exams today in school so depending on how busy we are tomorrow, I should have them finalized sooner than later.

With that said, I am highly disturbed by the bulk of scores in the teens and twenties.  This was not a difficult test as I gave the questions and answers well in advance.  Either students are not studying or they are lacking in the proper study skills.  On two multiple choice questions, for example, almost every student chose the name of a person/thing that we never discussed in class.  It is carelessness such as this that I’m seeing littered all over these papers.  This has nothing to do with the difficulty of the problems nor the number of questions, this all boils down to preparation, plain and simple.

Grades are due the 27th but I can no longer accept late work.



Math Finals Updated

Highest score was around an 88; all-around applause for Peter Barkley!

Overall, though, considering the extra time the students were given, the scores were woefully low.  Thankfully this doesn’t hurt your overall score too much, but it certainly is a sign that either students are putting too much pressure on themselves, are not listening to the test-taking advice that I’ve been giving them since September, and what’s most clear is who pays attention in class/takes notes and who studied and who did not.  Because the grades didn’t change much due to a low score, nothing will be curved this time around.  This, however, should be taken as a cautionary tale since the kinds of flexibility that I’ve shown this year certainly isn’t a shared philosophy by most teachers in the building, especially as you go up the stairs.

Working on completing the History now…

Lake Hopatcong Trip : UPDATE

Hi, so the buses arrived late.  We will be leaving Lake Hopatcong at 3:00.  Students should be arriving at the building around 3:45-4:00 pm (I’d assume closer to 4).  If you have any questions, please call myself or Ms. Lujan and we will try and answer them for you.  

Mr. S – 973-477-5876



End of Y ear Calendar Updates

From the desk of our wonderful Miss LaShea… (all of the documents that were attachments in this email have been posted below)


Hello Philip’s Academy Families!



  • Please view the attached Family Field Day donation form. Also, please remember to complete the form and place it inside the Blue Box.


Announcement #1

  • Family Field Day – June 24, 2016

Family Field Day will be held at “The Loop” within Watchung Reservation, Mountainside, NJ.

Directions:  If you have access to the app, the best move would be to access Google Maps, especially if you have not been to this site before.

From the Garden State Parkway, take exit or 22 West (Exit  #140A if heading Southbound & #140 if heading Northbound). ~ Take Route 22 West past Springfield exits.  ~Make a right at the Mountainside / New Providence Road exit. ~ Turn right at the 4th block which is W.R. Tracy Drive. ~Follow this road for about a mile.  ~Follow the signs towards The Loop / Playground area. Can’t wait to see you there!


Announcement #2 

From the Athletic Department,

Thank you for submitting our Athletic questionnaire, we are excited to pass on that we have enough interest to begin preparing our Athletic Calendar for the 2016-2017 School year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those students participating in the fall sports, you MUST submit a completed physical during the first week of school. Any delay in the physical may result in your child missing tryouts for the team. The seasons start mid to late September so it’s important that the physical be completed.  Required forms are available on the Parent Portal.

In September, we will have a mandatory parent meeting to discuss practice times, student pickup, and other team information.

  • Below are the new athletic teams at Philip’s Academy:


  • Cross Country (grades 6-8)
  • Flag Football (grades 6-8)
  • Elementary Basketball (girls & boys, grades 4-5


  • Soccer (grades 5/6-8)


Thank you as always for your support to Philip’s Academy Athletics!!


Announcement #3


  • Open eBooks


Our students now have access to Open eBooks, an app that can be downloaded to any Apple or Android device. Every student was given their own username and password this past week that allows them access to a database of thousands of award winning books for FREE!

Here is a link to a video of FLOTUS Michelle Obama talking about the program:

Homeroom teachers will send home parent letters this week with further instructions. (this was already  done on Tuesday.  If for some reason your child lost their paper and thus cannot access the site, I would try emailing Ms. Guerriero first because she was the bright mind behind setting this program up and making it available to all our students.  

  • Overdue Library Books

Thanks so much for your help!  Many overdue books have been returned this week.

Fines will be assessed for any books not returned by the end of the year, so please keep looking!

Lastly, please contact Ms. Guerriero if you have any questions or concerns.  Thanks!

cguerriero@pacsnewark.org  973.286.4686


Announcement #4

  • Hello Parents,

This is just a reminder that there will be No Aftercare on the day of Graduation, Thursday, June 23, 2016.   All students should be picked up promptly at 12:30pm.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and have a wonderful summer break!


Ms. Kennedy


Announcement #5

  • Remaining Recognition Ceremonies

Grade – 5:*          Monday, June 20, periods 7-8

Grade – 6:*          Monday, June 20, periods 7-8



Grade 2:            Tuesday, June 21, periods 7-8

Grade 4:            Tuesday, June 21, periods 1-2


Grade 7:            Wednesday, June 22, periods 7-8

Grade 8:            Wednesday, June 22, periods 7-8

***New This Year:  Grades 5 and 6 will have their own US Recognition Ceremony.


Announcement #6

  • Hello PACS families!

Please support our PEEC trip fundraiser by joining us on Saturday June 25th from 2:00-5:00 p.m. at the Spanish Pavilion restaurant located in Harrison, NJ.  Admission is $10 per person to an ALL you can eat BBQ! Up to 70% of the profit will go to the rising 6th and 7th graders’ PEEC field trip. It’s a great opportunity to unwind and laugh among friends. PLEASE spread the word!

Flyers are attached to this message.(towards the bottom)

See you there!

Ms. Yánez

“ We need at least 50 people to come in order to receive 50% of the profit. You may pay at the door!”


Saturday June 25th from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Website  – Spanish Pavilion Restaurant

  • 31 Harrison Avenue
    Harrison, NJ, 07029


School Reminders:

From: The Principal

Dear Philip’s Academy Families,

Happy Father’s Day Weekend.  Due to insufficient ticket sales, “Applebee’s Short Stacks for a Tall Cause” scheduled for Sunday, April 19 has been cancelled.  Funds donated will still be contributed to our Upper School PEEC trips; at the same time, anyone requesting a refund for tickets purchased should return their tickets to Ms. Ito to secure a refund.

Effective immediately, “If you make a left turn into our parking lot, you may be ticketed.”  Police officers have been monitoring cars on Central Avenue and have told us that they will start ticketing cars that cross the Double Yellow Line entering our parking lot.

As we prepare for the end of the year, it is essential that students take home all of their belongings.  This semester, we have found that providing students with a “Lost and Found” only creates another “trash bin” in the hallways.  Therefore, the “Lost and Found” locations will be eliminated by the end of the week.  Please ask your children to make sure that they check for any personal items before Friday.

We also want to notify you that projects left at school after Friday, June 17, will be discarded.  We are trying to avoid extra work for faculty and our maintenance staff as the school year rapidly comes to an end.  Therefore, we appreciate your support.

Thank you again for a fantastic and memorable end-of-the-year.

Only 4 more days until Graduation!


Principal Mark A Shultz

From: The Principal

June is here and as we know there are often many end-of-year celebrations that take place in school.  That being said, we would like to ask everyone to be thinking healthy when making these plans.   In our culture,  we often reward children with cookies, cakes, ice cream and chips, but this is Philip’s Academy and we have a mission.  Our mission is to teach our kids about healthy eating and making healthy choices.  There are so many ways to celebrate with food that is healthy and still sends a message of reward and celebration.

  • Here are some examples:
  1. Homemade Popsicles
  2. Frozen Watermelon, melon and grapes
  3. Whole Grain baked goods.
  4. Home-made salsa
  5. Fruit kabobs
  6. Fruit salads
  7. Fruit water
  8. Whole grain pasta salads
  9. Vegan cupcakes.
  10. Veggie platters

Please feel free to Contact me if you have any questions at mshultz@pacsnewark.org

Thank you for your continued support.

Mark A. Shultz



Announcement #7

I2 Summer Camp Information!

  • Direct Linki2 Camp Summer Program
    This year at Philip’s Academy we will be hosting a series of fun and inspiring, hands-on one week courses, blending Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM). This program is supported by Google.
    • Jr Camp is for rising 5th-6th graders
    • Sr Camp is for rising 7th-8th graders
    • Courses will run July 6th – July 31st
    • Cost is $550 per week, lunch included
      • (The camp is being offered at a special rate of $550 per/week. The true cost of the program is $800 per/week. Click here to make a donation to help support another camper.)
    • Easy drop-off, Just off I-280
    • Fully air-conditioned, state-of-the-art facility
    • Maximum of 20 campers per course.


  • Code, Design, Build, Dream… What will your child do this summer?

Act now!!! There are a few spaces available for i2 Camp this summer.  Contact Ms. Amy Jo Curran 973-624-2171 for details!  (acurran@philipsed.org)

June 14th Alumni Panel Discussion – We strongly encourage all upper school families to attend this event. Be prepared to receive helpful and truthful information about the high school transition from former Philip’s Academy students who are now in high school and college. No one can tell the transition story better than those who have “walked the walk”. Panelists will discuss their journey through the high school placement process and share their greatest accomplishments and their struggles. Join us and take heed to the advice they give about the leap from middle school to high school life.

June 17th  Alumni Induction Ceremony – Mandatory event for all graduating students. An annual tradition where the Class of 2016 will be inducted into the Philip’s Academy Alumni Association. The ceremony will include class performances, guest speakers and special gifts for each graduate. Business casual attire please. Dresses, skirts/slacks and ties are preferred; no jeans. Students will process into the ceremony the same way that they will for graduation; thus, it is imperative that students arrive on time.

Amy Jo Curran



  • Family Field Day Donation Form
  • Summer Reading List – Grades k-8
  • Summer fun in the city flyer
  • Spanish Pavilion BBQ Flyer

Downloadable Attachments, see below… (all this information was provided in Ms. LaShea’s email).


Upcoming Events:

Monday, June 20  (Day 6) 

  • Graduation Rehearsal

Tuesday, June 21  (Day 1)

  • Upper School Field Trips (Grades 5-8)
  • End of Quarter 4

Wednesday, June 22  (Day 2)

  • Graduation Rehearsal
  • US Recognition Ceremony 2:00pm

Thursday, June 23  (Day 3)

  • Graduation 10:00am
  • Half day of school: 12:30 Dismissal No Aftercare

Friday, June 24  (Day 4)

  • Family Field Day (“The Loop” within Watchung Reservation, Mountainside, NJ)

Homework 6/17

Math– complete the Reteach worksheets 175-180 (3 double-sided pages).  The instructions show you exactly what to do, how to multiply or divide the ratio on both sides in order to find an equivalent ratio.

Chapter 7 Reteach Worksheets  (do not complete the entire packet, just pgs. 175-180)

Social Studies- study for Monday’s final exam


Writing- none


Reading– continue with your independent reading, fill out your logs

You can read anything this weekend, a book, comic, magazine, whatever it may be, simply write it down in your log and show it to me on Monday.


Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!

Awards Ceremony Update

Monday, June 20th, during periods 7 and 8 (approximately 1:44)

This event should be treated with the joy and integrity that it deserves and so Monday will also be a dress up day.  Students will be expected to wear black tops with appropriate matching pants or skirts.  If you don’t have black, gray or a similar dark color will be just fine as we don’t want to stray too far from the dress code.  If you have any other questions just let me know.

Also, unlike prior years, awards will not be given out to every student.  I have done my best to spread things out but I am not going to marginalize hard work and consistency all year long in favor of the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality.  We have a lot of awards to give out and deserving students will receive more than one as an acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication to the learning process, not just to achieve a grade but most importantly with an eye on bettering themselves.

If you were interested in coming to the ceremony on Monday only if your child was receiving an award, just email or text me and I can let you know in advance so there is no confusion. Hopefully this helps.




Family Field Day

Hello all,

Please don’t forget to volunteer for Family Field Day.

Volunteers: when you volunteer you will get a raffle ticket for every hour you volunteer.

Hours/times needed:

  • June 23 – loading the truck from 4:30 PM-5:30PM
  • June 24–as early as 7:30 AM
  • June 24 – Serving volunteers

Text or email Mrs. Hunt-Foster to volunteer.


No Homework 6/16

Today’s Math final did not go well as it was obvious that the majority of students in class did not study or did not study well enough.  Many also did not take it seriously which was unfortunate.  Considering we went over about 25-30 problems that were on the actual Test in advance (including the Math Review problems), those problems should have been layups.  To not make it through all 50 questions is inexcusable; I’m not saying finish all 50, I’m saying skip the ones you don’t know in favor of the ones that you do, advice I’ve been giving since our first Test back in the Fall.

Hopefully the last few nights of no homework will lead to different results on the Science and History finals.  Please study this evening, put the time in and you will get the results you want.  


Homework 6/15

No Homework tonight, just study for tomorrow’s Math final.

This doesn’t mean that we are done with Homework for the year, in fact students will likely get a little something this weekend.

Math– tomorrow

Science– Friday

History– Monday


Permission slips– please return them asap.  I found out today that students will not be swimming, rather, grades 5-8 will be given some freedom to participate in different activities in a camp-like setting.  Think Recess with more wide open spaces.


See this space for further updates this evening (if any).