Homework 6/3

Math– 2 worksheets

Worksheet 1- Counting Cubes (double-sided)

Worksheet 2- Find the volume of a Right Rectangular Prism – Independent Practice Worksheet


Writing– using the same document from last night (Pro/Cons of Future Technology), use your list of Pros and Cons from today to help you decide on one futuristic technology to write about this weekend.

DO RESEARCH before writing!  The goal is to persuade the reader that the idea is a good (or bad) one to continue pursuing as it will be a benefit (or hindrance) for mankind.

  • 5 paragraph minimum, 5 sentences per paragraph
  • your notes/research will be collected for full credit


Reading– logs and summaries, 60 minutes in your fantasy books

Take notes on your books as described in last night’s Homework post.  These notes along with the logs will all be checked on Monday.


Social Studies- find an interesting current event article about China that you would like to share.  Have a copy of this article printed our or hand-write the important information from the source (such as where you got it from along w/ the details) in order to receive credit.

You will not be allowed to print on Monday so please be prepared.


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