Homework 6/6

I only received about 5 writing assignments and 5 current events (mostly from the same people) today.  This is homework and the numbers of submissions have been less and less as I’ve been updating everyone over the past few weeks.  This is unacceptable: please check to make sure your child has their Homework in their bags before bed.  Thanks!


Reading– 60 minutes, logs and summaries.  This will be checked tomorrow.

Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday, students should define the words below for homework this evening.

  • gymnastics
  • kryptonite
  • cheerleading
  • noble
  • apostrophe
  • brontosaurus
  • dialect
  • heritage
  • feudalism
  • Confucius
  • Shi Huangdi
  • dynasty
  • ambassador
  • terracotta
  • enlightenment


Writing- Students are to write down at least 7/10 pros and cons for the following three topics below.  They don’t have to write an essay but they absolutely need to have coherent thoughts down on paper and not just a few words.  If that’s all we have tomorrow, the debate will be pretty difficult to proceed with.  The notes will be collected.

Tomorrow during our in-class debate, students will be given two of these three topics to discuss.  These topics are from the same Future Technology handout that we’ve been working off of for a few days now.

  • Floating cities?
  • Limitless energy
  • Ability to freeze time

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