History Study Guide v. 2.0

So this is the second version of the guide.  It includes the chapters on the ancient Hebrews as well as Greece.  By the end of the week I’ll have a better idea of what parts of ancient China are worth including seeing as we haven’t had much time to go in-depth on the topic.

This is a very lengthy guide, about 8 1/2 full pages although there’s probably 1 1/2 pages of just definitions.  As we go over the material in class, I’ll start peeling away certain portions of it so that it’s more manageable for students to study.

As usual, I’ve included page numbers and the answers to the majority of the questions students will see on the exam.  I personally don’t think that it’s too much to study, it just appears that way because I write a lot and try to give explanations so that students are able to write strong answers rather than a few words here and there.

Anyway, here ya go!  I’ll have the final version w/ ancient China included by the end of the week.  Thanks!



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