Math Final Concept Review

Math Final Review

  • Chapter 1 -Whole Numbers
    • standard form
    • word form
    • expanded form
    • estimate
  • Chapter 2 -Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers
    • multiplying two digits by two digits
    • multiplying four digits by two digits
    • word problems
  • Chapter 3 – Fractions and Mixed Numbers
    • adding fractions
    • subtracting fractions
    • LCD
  • Chapter 4 -Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Whole Numbers
    • multiplying fractions
    • dividing fractions
    • word problems
  • Chapter 5 -Algebra
    • add, subtract, multiply and divide
    • simplifying
    • solving
    • word problems
  • Chapter 6 -Area of a triangle
    • know the formula
    • where is the height and the base
    • shaded parts
  • Chapter 7 -Ratio
    • how to find ratio
  • Chapter 8 -Decimals
    • write decimals from least to greatest/ greatest to least
    • decimals as a mixed number
  • Chapter 9 -Multiplying and dividing decimals
    • multiplying decimals
    • dividing decimals
    • word problems
  • Chapter 12 -Angles
    • angles on a line
    • angle measurements
    • find angles within a rectangle
  • Chapter 13 -Properties of Triangles & four-sided figures
    • find angle measures in a triangle
  • Chapter 15 -Volume
    • volume formula

Students should have examples of all these concepts in their notebooks.  Along w/ their notes there should also be actual examples and drawings. We don’t have to study anything from chapter 10, 11, 14. All other materials they can use are the actual chapter tests, the math reviews, the math review quizzes, and the textbooks.

Students have requested to make their own study guides for Math and so here’s the opportunity to do so!  Buona fortuna!


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