Awards Ceremony Update

Monday, June 20th, during periods 7 and 8 (approximately 1:44)

This event should be treated with the joy and integrity that it deserves and so Monday will also be a dress up day.  Students will be expected to wear black tops with appropriate matching pants or skirts.  If you don’t have black, gray or a similar dark color will be just fine as we don’t want to stray too far from the dress code.  If you have any other questions just let me know.

Also, unlike prior years, awards will not be given out to every student.  I have done my best to spread things out but I am not going to marginalize hard work and consistency all year long in favor of the “everyone gets a trophy” mentality.  We have a lot of awards to give out and deserving students will receive more than one as an acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication to the learning process, not just to achieve a grade but most importantly with an eye on bettering themselves.

If you were interested in coming to the ceremony on Monday only if your child was receiving an award, just email or text me and I can let you know in advance so there is no confusion. Hopefully this helps.




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