Homework 8/31

Tonight’s Homework should be simple…


Reading– read for 30 minutes this evening and copy down the appropriate information in your Reading log.  Later on in the year we will add a short summary of what we read each night but for now, please just stick w/ the Log.  Don’t forget to initial your child’s Reading log.  Thanks!

  • Tomorrow I will hand out one specific Homework folder for each child.  It will be clearly labeled and I’ll expect all future assignments, including the Log, to go in there each night.  I tried to fit it in today but we just ran out of time.

Please make sure that all of your books are covered by Monday (book socks, paper bag, whatever works for you).

Today I gave out our Social Studies textbook, one of the Math books (5A), and each student received a marble notebook to be used as their Writer’s Notebook.  I started to cover as many as I could but I ran out of bags so any help from home would be greatly appreciated.

I made sure that students had a specific section labeled for Social Studies and Math whether they had a 5 subject notebook or single.  I will keep checking to make sure that students are organized throughout the year.

Any questions just let me know, thanks!



Social Studies Curriculum, 2017

Attached below.  This document also details some of the major projects we will be working on this year, from baking bread/making customary meals in the teaching kitchen, to making and painting our own clay pottery, designing models of an early settlement, and the few activities that I mentioned tonight.


Social Studies Curriculum Map


So that’s that, the entire curriculum is posted as promised 🙂

Any questions please just ask, I’m always available.

You can expect this kind of transparency as well when it comes to specific subjects…if I give students notes on certain concepts or worksheets for Homework, 95% of the time there will be an online copy to go along with it just in case something is left in school or your child is having difficulty organizing and showing you everything that we are working on in class.


Thanks as always,

Mark Santeramo

Reading Curriculum, 2017

Attached.  Everything below should be okay, however, I’m going to double-check all the materials listed off our primary server at school tomorrow just to be on the safe side.  We worked on this as soon as school ended so I just want to ensure that there weren’t any wholesale changes.



Curriculum Overview, below…

Quarter 1, below…

Quarter 2, below…

Quarter 3, below…

Quarter 4, below…

Writing Curriculum, 2017

Attached below…

There are 5 files, starting with the full overview and continuing with Quarters 1-4.  This is basically an outline for the entire year, not specific lessons or details on all the projects that we will be doing.

Overall 2017 Curriculum breakdown below…

Quarter 1 Download below…

Quarter 2 Download below…

Quarter 3 Download below…

Quarter 4 Download below…


Any questions just let me know, thanks!

Math Curriculum, 2017

Attached below.  I’m going to post the entire curriculum in individual posts over the next 2 days (some stuff is only accessible at school).  I hope this helps when it comes to transparency purposes.


Curriculum Download: Math Grade 5 Curriculum

Also, students will receive the following for Math…

2 Textbooks

  • Math in Focus Textbook A
  • Math in Focus Textbook B

2 Supplementary Workbooks

  • Workbook A
  • Workbook B

1 Common Core Math Workbook, supplementary material.

  • This workbook explains the concepts a bit differently than the text so in that way it is a very solid resource.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting on our workbook order as well as a few sets of Math Textbooks.  Until they arrive, I’ll make available for students the online version of the textbook as well as make all the necessary copies for the 2-3 students that might not have the books right away.  I’m sorry for the inconvenience, we made the order back in June and are still waiting.

Any questions feel free to ask…thanks as always!


Thank You

Thanks again for your patience this evening.  I know you still have a lot of questions and that is understandable, we just need to get the year started first before things become more clear and you can easily identify our routines and expectations.

I was hesitant, for example, to tell people which kinds of notebooks to use because I know that some parents purchased a 5 subject while others bought 5 individual notebooks; both are satisfactory, but starting tomorrow when we actually begin classes, I will make sure that every child is organized, has their materials labeled, and has exactly what they need and only what they need before we start any lesson.  If I find that they still have an abundance of extra ‘stuff’ floating around (i.e. extra folders, notebooks), I’ll have them take those things home so that we only keep the necessities in school.

Hopefully by tomorrow night you’ll have a better idea of what I am getting at.  Again, thank you for your time and patience and making yourselves available this evening.  Our kids might not know it yet but it’s an absolute blessing to have you all involved in your child’s education and for that you should all be given a round of applause (I’ll be sure to notify the board that you deserve an appropriate party as well :-).

Thanks again and be sure to check this space daily for updates.  You can also ‘subscribe’ to this page so that you will receive all updates via email…I know many parents did this last year but I’m not sure exactly how, I think there’s a button on the main page when you access it (I see a different page since I’m the moderator).

Have a great night!

Welcome to Mr. Santeramo’s Padowan Learning Academy!

August 29th, 2016


Hello and welcome to Mr. Santeramo’s 5th grade Room 212!  This year will be one of high energy and diverse learning.  I look forward to working with all of you this year!  Any questions just let me know by email  or text message (I will leave my # tomorrow when I meet with parents).  I prefer text but whatever works best for you 🙂

We will cover many of your concerns tomorrow night and so until then, see the SIMPLE Homework below! 🙂

Homework So the plan is that we will be covering all of our textbooks this year.  Some students have book socks which are perfectly fine; students that don’t, however, have the option of covering their books with sturdy paper bags that should last all year long if done correctly (I’ll post two links below that show the same process we will follow in class).  This is something that I used to do back in school and I’m sure many generations of students before did as well.

The ideal paper bag resembles something you would get from a supermarket like Shop Rite.  The bags can be a bit smaller but large enough to fit a textbook (The History text is large while both Math books are fairly thin.  This would mean a total of 3 paper bags to cover all the books for 5S (I’m not sure about Science as they are softcover).  

Don’t worry, this is not something that needs to be done overnight although I would hope by Monday that all our books are covered so we can hit the ground running.  The goal is to preserve these books as best we can from any damage and abuse throughout the year.  With that said, we are still waiting on a small order of Math textbooks and so until they arrive I will make copies of the material for the 2-3 students that might have to go without (there is also an online version of the textbook that I’ll show students how to use).

Here are the two videos that show the covering process…they are both similar.


Any questions please just ask.  Thanks!