Homework 8/31

Tonight’s Homework should be simple…


Reading– read for 30 minutes this evening and copy down the appropriate information in your Reading log.  Later on in the year we will add a short summary of what we read each night but for now, please just stick w/ the Log.  Don’t forget to initial your child’s Reading log.  Thanks!

  • Tomorrow I will hand out one specific Homework folder for each child.  It will be clearly labeled and I’ll expect all future assignments, including the Log, to go in there each night.  I tried to fit it in today but we just ran out of time.

Please make sure that all of your books are covered by Monday (book socks, paper bag, whatever works for you).

Today I gave out our Social Studies textbook, one of the Math books (5A), and each student received a marble notebook to be used as their Writer’s Notebook.  I started to cover as many as I could but I ran out of bags so any help from home would be greatly appreciated.

I made sure that students had a specific section labeled for Social Studies and Math whether they had a 5 subject notebook or single.  I will keep checking to make sure that students are organized throughout the year.

Any questions just let me know, thanks!



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