PARCC Scores

Hi, apologies in advance, I forgot to distribute the envelope w/ their grades at the end of the day.  I wanted to do it myself in order to make sure each student put the letter in their bags but I was distracted during dismissal.  You should expect an envelope on Monday w/ your child’s scores.

Thanks again for your patience and understanding.


Think Central accounts

Hi, so per the post I put up the other day regarding these accounts, I am aware that it doesn’t appear to be working.  Our tech admin wasn’t available today to assist so I will try looking further into it on Monday.

Question, though – are the usernames and passwords working but the books are not showing up? Or do the usernames and passwords not work at all?  If I had a bit more insight to the problem it’d be extremely helpful to know what specifically to look for when I ask for help…thanks!

  • *UPDATE* – after speaking w/ a parent I was advised that the usernames and passwords appear to work, however, the books and supplemental materials for 4th grade are showing rather than 5th.  I promise to inquire about this on Monday so that this important resource is available to you.

Social Studies Worksheets

For those students that have missing work, attached below is a document scan of the worksheet pages you may have missed…please consult the printout of your grades that Mr. Santeramo gave you today.  Thanks.


DOWNLOAD : Social Studies Workbook pages 3-6

Below is the Latitude & Longitude Worksheet given out today and that is due on Monday.

Easy social studies skills mr proehl39s social studies class
Easy social studies skills mr proehl39s social studies class – Workkids

Homework 9/30

  • Tiffany and Michael Boateng have Current Events on Monday!  Remember, I need to see a one paragraph summary of the article of your choosing as well as the newspaper/magazine clipping or website.  Thanks!


Social Studies 5S & 5L– Chapter 1, Lesson 3, Early Hunters & Gatherers, pgs. 30-37

Complete the following for Monday (if not already completed, I know some students in my class misread the instructions and completed this assignment before today)….PLEASE LABEL YOUR PAPER PROPERLY AT THE TOP AS IT IS WRITTEN HERE. 

  • vocabulary (4 words)
  • your 3+ notes per purple section (12+ notes minimum), label each section please
  • Review questions #1-5 on pg. 37

ALSO, complete…

  • an additional Latitude & Longitude worksheet, one-sided.  I noticed a few students had some trouble with this and so I want to ensure that students are comfortable w/ the material as we move forward into the next quarters when we begin our Map Making Project. (see the above blog post for a download link)

We will have our Test sometime late next week or early the week after…we will review the next couple of class sessions and the students will receive a complete list of notes so they are fully prepared for the exam.

  • 5L – we will begin our clay-making activity next week, we will use our clay to design and paint early human civilization artifacts.  Also, if you have not handed in all of your work up until this point, make sure you do so by Monday.  


Math 5A Workbook pgs. 50-51

5A Enrichment double-sided worksheet

  • Chapter 2, Whole Number Multiplication & Division, pgs. 9-10….there are about 4 problems on the worksheet that require order of operations; we didn’t necessarily go over that this year but the kids said they have in the past.  Remember, you solve your math in this order: Parentheses, Exponents -and then in the order of appearance left to right – Multiplication, Division, Addition, and Subtraction.
  • The rest of the puzzle should be easier to solve as it uses skills we have reviewed this year.



Students can compose a 5 paragraph essay on a topic and genre of their choosing.  It doesn’t have to be a narrative- I am encouraging students to write whatever interests them this weekend.  What makes you happy makes me happy!  Since these essays will be something of your choice, be ready to share them on Monday w/ the class or a partner 🙂

Remember, HAVE FUN!


Reading– 35 minutes, logs, initials, will be checked Monday

Remember, keep track of what you are reading using Post-It notes (if you don’t have any you can use your Reader’s notebook), any interesting/exciting parts, troubling words, parts you may want to share w/ the class during reading time, etc.


Science– Volume 2: pages 613-623


Think Central update

Think Central accounts have been updated.

The username should be the child’s first initial and the complete last name.

  • Example: msanteramo

The password is 12345 unless you are completely new to the school then it will be 123456 (Kiara, the second password should apply to you)

You should be able to access both Math textbooks and workbooks plus Science workbooks.

If you have any trouble just let me know and I’ll see what I can do, thanks!

Homework 9/29

  • Chloe (and Olumide if you are feeling better!) has Current Events tomorrow on a topic of her choice.  Remember, bring in a one paragraph summary of the article as well as the newspaper clipping of the website that you took your information from.  Good luck!


Spelling Quiz #1 tomorrow!!  See previous blog posts for the words.

  • Students are expected to know the proper spelling and definitions of the words.
  • I will also check that they have the definitions written in their Reader’s Notebooks, a classwork assignment from earlier this week (it should mostly be done already)


Reading– 35 minutes in your independent book, fill out your logs and get them initialed

Remember, keep track of what you are reading using Post-It notes (if you don’t have any you can use your Reader’s notebook), any interesting/exciting parts, troubling words, parts you may want to share w/ the class during reading time, etc.

Math– none

Writing– Comic Strip/Story Bird activity due tomorrow!

  • Remember, I am also collecting the essay that you used as inspiration for your illustrations.  Please be sure to follow the two rubrics and directions that I handed out and posted on the blog the other day.  Everything, all of the expectations for the assignment are detailed on those handouts so you know exactly what it takes to get a great score.  I am really looking forward to this after seeing how well we did with our Social Studies ‘clay-making’ activity today! 🙂

(Chloe, I have your ‘What I Treasure Most’ prompt w/ me, so no worries about that)


Social Studies previously I assigned students to complete the four vocabulary words for Chapter 1, Lesson 3.  We will complete the notes during class tomorrow and the review questions (and anything you don’t finish) will be homework over the weekend.  For tonight, though, you have no history assignment.





Homework 9/28

Olumide has a Current Event tomorrow (one paragraph on a topic of your choice).  Bring in the article or the website to discuss.  Feel better!


Math– 5A Workbook pages 47-49, Dividing by 10, 100, 100


Reading – A Big Birthday Celebration Read Works packet w/ the questions

  • Continue reading your novel if you wish, you can always read 🙂
  • Spelling Quiz #1 on Friday, definitions are also due (we started this in your notebooks in class)


Writing- grammar worksheet, double-sided, Commas in Compound Sentences

  • Comics Strips / Story Bird due Friday
  • you also need to have your corrected essay by Mr. S for collection on Friday (so I know where your adapting your comic from)
  • see previous blog posts for further instructions about the personal narrative comic







Social Studies Lesson 3 Web Resources

The link(s) below are just a few of the many that I will use throughout the year in class.  The one directly below in particular (humans change the world) discusses in note form the information that we talked about today in class, the information from Chapter 1, Lesson 3.  My advice?  Start here and then ‘explore’ the rest of the website(s) for yourself, they have a treasure trove of intriguing and exciting facts to uncover!


Narrative Comic Strip / Story Bird directions

Today I gave students the handout with the basic instructions for completion of the narrative comic strip assignment.  Students are allowed to illustrate and write their narratives on paper OR use the website Story Bird (both require a minimum of 6 frames).  This will be our second formal narrative writing assessment and hopefully one that flexes different writing skills and thought processes.

I also have an additional rubric that I will be using that I feel is a bit more specific and detailed in terms of the expectations.  Combined with the one I handed out today, what we now have is a very clear and specific picture as to the types of strategies that I expect to be incorporated in this assignment, things such as dialogue, messaging, pacing/sequencing, flashbacks and lash forwards, showing, not telling, ‘painting the picture for the reader’, etc.  

As always, if you are feeling stuck, consult your notes or adventure out online and do some research for inspiration.  There is no such thing as writer’s block – the best writers compose more than one draft of their work so that they can visualize alternative plot lines, messages, and endings.  Remember, these are the things that we have been practicing all first quarter so make sure that you use what you know!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!


DOWNLOADNarrative Comic Strip Instructions handout (I changed a few of the details to match our expectations for the assignment as well as the due date – I attached this solely for the instructions and the rubric, the first handful of pages we can skip).

DOWNLOADNarrative Planning Sheet (Organizer w/ suggestions at bottom to bring a 2-D comic strip to life)

DOWNLOADSupplemental Narrative Rubric (more specific instructions regarding how grading will be treated)