Homework 9/2

**Remember to have your books covered by Tuesday.  You will have had over a week to do this so please get it done!  Thanks!**


Math– complete pg. 4, #s 1-17 (it’s meant to be a quick review before we start Chapter 1 on Monday).

  • You absolutely may use pages 2-3 as notes to help you jog your memory.
  • This assignment should be written in your Math notebook, i.e. the place that we sectioned off and labeled in the beginning of the week and the place where we will copy down notes.


Reading- continue reading at least 30 minutes each night this weekend.  I am expecting 3 entries when we return on Tuesday (any combination of Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday…you can take one of those evenings off if you would like).

Be sure to have your log filled out and initialed by a parent once per entry.  We will discuss our Reading notebooks further on Tuesday as well.


Writing- complete your On Demand Narrative that you started in school today.  Remember, this is an essay meant to determine what you know about narrative writing so when we start lessons on Tuesday I can gauge which areas you guys do well on and which areas we need to spend more time improving.

  • The essay(s) for the weekend should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs although since it is weekend homework and you have an extra day, 5 paragraphs shouldn’t be too much to ask for, especially since you are writing about a small moment in your life! 🙂
  • Do your best, I will teach you narrative writing strategies starting Tuesday that will serve to enhance your work. 
  • If you would like to write a second narrative over the weekend you may.
  • Be ready to share on Tuesday!! 


P.S. – you all have been doing a wonderful this week, I couldn’t be more proud.  Keep it up and enjoy the weekend! 🙂


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