4th & 5th Grade Basketball Tryouts

  • See the post below…I coach the 6th-8th grade team so this does not apply to any of my players, HOWEVER, the coach you guys will have this year is truly an amazing man who knows his stuff (Isaiah Daniel’s father).  He will teach you the basics and set you out on the right path towards success on the court.  


(original email from Mr. Augello below…)

Hey 4th and 5th grade team,

Next week we begin our Elementary Basketball Tryouts for our 4th and 5th graders! We will have a boys team and a girls team (15 each).

I’m asking for a favor to make this information available to your parents, either through class pages or another message system. I have emailed LaShea to place the tryout dates in her weekly announcements, I think if you can also inform them, it would help the communication.

  • Tryouts are Monday, 9/12 from 4-6 pm and Wednesday 9/14 from 4-6 pm
  • **Those selected for the team must have a completed physical by October 1st or they may not continue to participate****
  • After the second tryout, the teams will be picked. If we have more than 15 players for each team, we may have to cut the list (I’ll know further once we see the tryouts).

This is our first year having elementary basketball so I appreciate your support as we enter these unknown waters!

Thanks again for support,


Tom Augello


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