Homework 9/9

I might update this later w/ more detail but for now this appears okay.  Thanks!


5S Social Studies– read pgs. 14-20, copy down all the vocabulary words and definitions in your social studies notebook.  Try and take some notes as well!

5L Social Studies– finish reading pgs. 14-20, copy down all vocabulary words and definitions in your social studies notebook, complete questions # 1, 3, 4, and 5 on pg. 20

3+ notes per purple section (main heading, I believe there are 4 and a 5th that’s about a paragraph long (I explained this in class today)


Reading- you may continue w/ your novel but for this weekend’s homework, all I am requiring is that students read their History textbook, pgs. 14-20


Writing–  try writing 5 paragraphs minimum this weekend, 4-5 sentences per paragraph.  It is easier to include all of our strategies in long-form writing than it is to cram the details into 3 paragraphs.

Choose another first time/last time or turning point prompts from your list that you should have built this past week in class (we did this around mid-week, students were expected to list as many prompt ideas as they could so they could easily choose one to write about for assignments like this).

Students have a choice, though.  They can either start a new personal narrative (about yourself) or continue a personal narrative that you previously wrote (either improve it or add on to it using our newly learned strategies).

Try incorporating rising and falling action, i.e. the story arc, into your writing.  Remember, characters also go through ups and downs as well!

Below are the two graphic organizers I handed out today.  Students can use these along w/ the rest of their notes to help them w/ their writing.

If you would like to type your narrative this weekend you can use the following website below…



If you need ideas, try this website…



Math- 5A Textbook, pgs. 23-24, #s 1-12


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