Homework 9/14

Lauryn Ball has a Sports Current Event due tomorrow.  Please find an article from the newspaper or the internet that is related to athletics and write a short 1 paragraph summary of what you read.  Why did you choose it?  Did you learn anything interesting that you didn’t know before?  Basically, try and teach the class about what you read.


Writing– today I handed out some more notes, two examples of well written narratives and one worksheet detailing different words for character traits students can use in their writing.

Students also received a stapled packet aimed at helping students further the development of their personal narratives.  One section helps them with their introductions, another with transitions, and the last part the conclusion.

  • I also put a writing assignment on the SMART Board but students do NOT have to do that this evening, we will do it tomorrow in class instead.
  • Final Drafts of our first graded narrative are due MONDAY now rather than Friday.  Hopefully the extra time will be spent on improving our first essays.  🙂


Math one worksheet, double-sided (Worksheet 5), some students are still having trouble with rounding to a specific place value so more practice with this is needed.  

It looks like some students chose to ignore my instructions during dismissal and may have left their Math homework in school.  I will not be putting a copy of it on the website tonight.


Reading– 30 minutes this evening, fill out your reading logs (take a new one tomorrow if you need it) and get them initialed.  I will check the past two days worth of reading tomorrow.


5L Social Studies- complete the Homework from the other night and have it ready for submission tomorrow.


Have a great night, thanks!


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