Homework 9/16

  • Josh and Elijah have Current Events on Monday.  You may bring in an article/website and a short 1 paragraph summary on a topic of your choosing.
  • For 5L Social Studies, Catherine has her Current Event article due on Monday, your topic is United States news.


Math- I will likely hold off on grading all of the Tests this weekend as many students seemed to have trouble with the number line problems and thus wanted a few more minutes to complete them on Monday.  The students that I know finished I will have graded by Sunday.


Writing– Be sure to use all of your strategies and notes from the past couple of weeks.

I am expecting an essay around 8+ paragraphs since it is easier to include a story arc or character arc if your narrative is longer.  See previous posts for more details/notes.

  • The essay is due on MONDAY and I would like that it be hand-written in your neatest work.
  • pick one entry that you would like to submit on Friday.  HAND-WRITTEN PLEASE.
  • I will help you edit, write more, and/or revise your choice tomorrow.  Students will also help each other ‘peer edit’ during class.
  • Rewrite it in a different “voice,” use all the strategies we learned thus far – show, don’t tell, rising/falling action; turning points; transitions, DESCRIPTIVE DETAILS, i.e. verbs, adjectives, similes, metaphors, etc.
  • Try adding to your choice the rest of this week.  Aim for 8+ paragraphs or multiple ‘chapters’ or ‘parts.’
  • It is easier to include rising/falling action and character and story arcs if your small moment essay is longer.


Social Studies- complete the workbook pg. 1 handout, double-sided

begin reading Chapter 1, Lesson 2, pages 21-27


5L Social Studies- see previous night’s Homework


Reading- 30 minutes per night (2 out of 3 days, Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday), make sure you fill out your log and have it initialed.


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