Homework 9/22

  • Jaiden, Aniyah, and McKenzie have Current Events tomorrow for 5S
  • Javier has Current Events tomorrow for 5L.

Remember to write a minimum paragraph summary for your current event.  If you can bring in the article, that would be ideal…if you have the website, bring in the link so we can put it on the SMART Board during your presentation.  Thanks!


Math– 5A Extra Practice worksheets pgs. 19-20 (#s 13-16 they show you how to do the multiplication in smaller parts (groups of 10)…if you have trouble figuring out the problem using the new method, stick to the regular multiplication setup that you are familiar with.


Reading– for your assignment this evening, read the A Bad Robot story and read the questions.  You can of course read your novel as well, but I’m only going to collect the story in class tomorrow.


Writing– using our new Common Core Coach English workbooks, complete pgs. 135-143

Only plan your story, do not write it at home as we will complete the rest of the pages during class tomorrow.  

Plan your story around the prompt ‘a time I messed up and learned from it…or ‘ the time I made a mistake and learned from it…’

We should all be able to identify with the prompts above in some way or another.  The goal is to start writing a minimum 5 paragraph personal narrative essay in class tomorrow.


Social Studies 5L- this should all be done for class tomorrow…also, many of you have missing assignments so please make sure to hand everything in tomorrow.

  • complete the vocabulary for pages 21-27.
  • Write 12+ notes using the information from the purple sections (we also wrote some notes on the board today).
  • Complete questions 1-5 on page 27



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