Homework 9/23

There’s a bit more than usual this weekend, but it’s mostly a bunch of smaller things to complete rather than one or two longer assignments.  If I have to update this after Math night I will…thanks!


Writing– make sure that you complete, title, and date your ‘the time I made a mistake’ prompt in your writer’s notebook.  I expect this entry to be completed for Monday.

Make sure to include the flashbacks/flash forwards in your story that we talked about today in class.  

See the link below for new narrative writing prompts.  Remember, you can choose one of your own, I just included a short list below if you had trouble thinking of something to write about.

Be sure to write our usual 5 paragraph minimum personal narrative essay.  Use all of the strategies that you have learned thus far, ESPECIALLY and SPECIFICALLY today’s flashback/flash forward.  Be sure to identify in your writer’s notebook where you used this new skill.

Try to also incorporate dialogue; while many of you have been doing this already, we will discuss it formally next week.

Also, complete the double-sided grammar worksheets for editing practice.

  • End Punctuations 1 & 2, pgs. 3-4
  • Commas in Between Items in a Series, pgs. 5-6 (just complete the questions, no need to write a paragraph describing your coldest experience)


Social Studies for 5S & 5L– begin reading Chapter 1, Lesson 3, pgs. 30-37

Label your paper properly as discussed in class and complete the four vocabulary words and write their definitions.  We will write the notes and complete the questions together next week.  

  • 5L also has to complete the Latitude and Longitude worksheet pgs. 4-5.  My class will practice this skill next week.  
  • Xola and Kai have Current Events next week, bring in a one paragraph summary on an article of your choice


Reading– read your books this weekend at least 30 minutes (the social studies also counts as reading so you can mark that down in your log as well), fill out your logs and get them initialed.  Logs will be collected Monday.

  • If you finish a book, please fill out a notecard recommending the title to a friend or other classmates.  Remember, we practiced this in class the other day but we need a little work; think of your recommendation like a movie trailer, try and summarize your story in such a way that excites someone into wanting to read the book.  Focus on highlighting the plot of the story or one or two exciting/interesting parts.


Math- double-sided worksheet


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