Homework 9/26

  • Faith, Xola, and Kai have Current Events due tomorrow.  Write a short 1 paragraph summary of your article and either bring in the newspaper source or the web address.  


Writing – Some of you have written endings you are extremely proud of.  Some are still struggling for “perfection.’  This is something all authors struggle with.

Tonight, in your writers notebook, continue to explore a few different ways your ending might go, even if you feel you’ve already found the “right” one.  You might reassess your lead and whether it sets readers up to understand what is going to be most important to the story.  Does it grab your reader’s attention and begin right at the start of the action?

  • Also, choose one of your narratives that you would like to turn into a comic strip or a Story Bird file.  You can start planning that assignment tonight but I will give you more formal instructions tomorrow.  Your comics/Story Bird documents will be a minimum of 6 frames/slides and so it might make most sense to plan your illustrations using one of the graphic organizers below.  Remember, this exercise will need to be pre-planned with a greater attention to detail since you will have less space to write but more space to ‘illustrate’ your details and emotions.  We will discuss this further tomorrow.



Strategies for Elaborating on Important Parts

  • Slow down the action, telling it bit-by-bit
  • Add dialogue
  • Give details
  • Show small actions
  • Add internal thinking


Reading- Taco Head story and video w/ instructions how to answer questions #1-4. Please write your answers in y our Reader’s Notebook

Complete your vocabulary definitions for Friday if not done so already.


Social Studies- complete the handout, workbook pgs. 3 and pgs. 4-5 (due tomorrow)

Begin writing your notes for Chapter 1, Lesson 3, textbook pgs. 30-37.  These notes will be due on Friday, 3 notes per section on the migration of our early ancestors across the globe.  


Math- none, just bring in this weekend’s Homework for collection tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will also receive our workbooks.




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