Narrative Comic Strip / Story Bird directions

Today I gave students the handout with the basic instructions for completion of the narrative comic strip assignment.  Students are allowed to illustrate and write their narratives on paper OR use the website Story Bird (both require a minimum of 6 frames).  This will be our second formal narrative writing assessment and hopefully one that flexes different writing skills and thought processes.

I also have an additional rubric that I will be using that I feel is a bit more specific and detailed in terms of the expectations.  Combined with the one I handed out today, what we now have is a very clear and specific picture as to the types of strategies that I expect to be incorporated in this assignment, things such as dialogue, messaging, pacing/sequencing, flashbacks and lash forwards, showing, not telling, ‘painting the picture for the reader’, etc.  

As always, if you are feeling stuck, consult your notes or adventure out online and do some research for inspiration.  There is no such thing as writer’s block – the best writers compose more than one draft of their work so that they can visualize alternative plot lines, messages, and endings.  Remember, these are the things that we have been practicing all first quarter so make sure that you use what you know!

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!


DOWNLOADNarrative Comic Strip Instructions handout (I changed a few of the details to match our expectations for the assignment as well as the due date – I attached this solely for the instructions and the rubric, the first handful of pages we can skip).

DOWNLOADNarrative Planning Sheet (Organizer w/ suggestions at bottom to bring a 2-D comic strip to life)

DOWNLOADSupplemental Narrative Rubric (more specific instructions regarding how grading will be treated)



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